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Introverts prefer working behind-the-scenes rather than being the center of attention. They are natural self-starters; laid back, adaptable, and analytical in the workplace. However, companies are more recently remodeling their offices to incorporate open spaces, ping-pong tables, and other inclusions which cater to extroverts. Where does this leave introverts? Well, we’ve compiled this list of survival tips to help them adapt to and thrive in a social workplace. If you’re an introvert, read on:

  1. Find a job with an office setting that suits you.
    • Many introverts may find themselves more productive when working in quiet atmospheres, or ones in which they have their own personal space and can work without interruption. Seek a position that offers you the comfort you desire, if not by its environment, then with its job duties. Hint: There are several suggestions you can find if you search online for “best jobs for introverts.”


  1. Make personal time, even in the presence of others.
    • Introverts often need to mentally “recharge” after being socially active. Unfortunately, it’s frowned upon to shut yourself in your office for the day whenever you’re tired of interacting. Instead, keep a book or a set of headphones at your desk. During your lunch break, take a few moments to dive into something personal and relaxing to get your mind right.


  1. Let your work speak for itself.
    • As an introvert, you may not feel comfortable giving your two cents in every meeting, or you won’t be the first to volunteer to present your work. People can mistake your lack of social participation for a lack of confidence, when in reality you’d just rather not vocalize your progress. That’s okay! Just be sure that your work ultimately demonstrates your skills and consistent improvements. Numbers and results don’t lie when quarterly reviews role around!


  1. Plan to attend social activities you think you will enjoy.
    • It can be easy for an introvert to exclude themselves from after-work happy hours, impromptu lunch outings, and intimate company dinners. Unfortunately, doing so could easily make you miss out on opportunities for networking, advancement, and self-development. When something arises that you think could be fun for you, put it in your calendar and hold yourself accountable for going! A huge part of why you love your workplace is because of its culture, so make sure you’re a part of it.


  1. Build meaningful professional relationships.
    • Introverts are less likely to discuss their personal life while in the office. They maintain a clear distinction between friends and coworkers. What’s important as an introvert is to ensure you are at least building meaningful professional relationships. Allow yourself to be open about your career goals, seek constructive criticism, and mentor others. Fostering such relationships will keep your professional reference list strong!

Use these survival tips to embrace your qualities as an introvert while still making a lasting impression in the office!