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Running a travel agency is not an easy task. In fact, people rarely realize just how much goes on behind the scenes to make a clients dream vacation a reality. Besides customizing a trip that meets your clients expectations and budget, you also have to plan for unpredictable circumstances.

It’s very easy to find that you do not have enough time in a day to do it all. You can quickly find yourself handling tasks that you’re not good at and don’t enjoy. This takes you away from the stuff you’re actually great at, which can affect your pocket book. The solution to this is partner with a Virtual Assistant.

What can a Virtual Assistant do for your travel agency?

A virtual assistant is there to help you maximize your time so you can maximize your results. Once you hand-off tasks that you don’t have to do, you can focus again on revenue generating activities. Here are 8 ways a virtual assistant can boost your travel agency:


It’s probably a fact that you didn’t start a travel agency because you love numbers. If you require assistance in maintaining your books and sending invoices, then hiring a bookkeeping VA is the way to go!

Email Management

It’s very easy to miss leads and client inquiries when your inbox is full of spam. Instead of dreaming of inbox zero, make it a reality! A virtual assistant can help filter emails into specific categories so everything that comes to your inbox goes to it’s designated folder. They can also create email templates for quick responses and communicate with your clients on your behalf.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Keeping all of your clients information in one spot is crucial to staying organized. A virtual assistant can help your travel agency by adding leads, tracking referrals, updating client information, and following where they are in the sales pipeline.


Having a virtual assistant that is savvy at research can take you a long way. From finding out about country customs and tourist spots to finding the best resort and flights to meet your clients budget. A virtual assistant can help your travel agency by giving your clients options. Trust me, clients love and appreciate options!

Creating Itineraries

A virtual assistant can help your travel agency by creating a thorough itinerary for your clients. Your clients will appreciate your agency for providing them with a document that includes hotel address and phone numbers, flight times and terminals, activity details and much more. Talk about convenient!

Content Writing

Are you posting helpful travel related articles that can help your website get ranked on search engines? A virtual assistant can help your travel agency by writing amazing copy that builds trust and helps leads find you using keywords.

Pinterest Management

Pinterest is great for the travel industry, based on! People go on Pinterest to pin things they’d like to try, so why not have them try your travel agency for their next vacation? A virtual assistant can link blog content, pictures/stories from previous clients, and beautiful vacation spots that can help drive traffic back to your website.


Your virtual assistant can help your travel agency by preparing marketing materials. Fact sheets, brochures, flyers, infographics, PowerPoints, and more can be made by your virtual assistant. They can also assist in creating effective sales funnels, newsletters, and social media marketing content.

These are just 8 ways a virtual assistant can help your travel agency flourish unapologetically. Consider outsourcing to a qualified virtual assistant when you’re nearing burnout and/or looking to scale-up your business.

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