House Cleaning Referral Service

Imperative Concierge Services LLC is NOT a house cleaning agency. The cleaning business referred to you is under contract with Imperative Concierge Services LLC and cannot work for you privately; to do so would constitute a breach of contract. We simply take the burden off of our clients so that they don’t have to go through the exhausting search of finding a house cleaner.

Step 1: We learn your expectations via phone, email, or our house cleaning request form.

Step 2: We search our directory to find a house cleaner that meets your needs based on the information that you’ve provided to us.

Step 3: We set-up a free in-home consultation (optional).

Step 4. We set-up the date/time of your first (and ongoing) appointment(s).

Step 5: We provide you with an estimate and Service Agreement. The house cleaner may not begin service unit the Service Agreement has been provided.

Step 6: We will collect your credit/debit card credentials prior to the cleaning. Your card will not be charged until after the cleaning is complete. The first payment must be made with a credit/debit card. Future payments may be made using a check made to Imperative Concierge Services or ICS.

The services that the house cleaners we refer include the following:

  • Standard Clean
  • Deep Clean
  • Spring Clean
  • Move in/Move out Clean
  • Laundry Services
  • Dish Washing Service
  • Packing/Unpacking/Organizing*

* We work with a moving company who can assist you with your packing/unpacking. We also work with a home organization company if you need to declutter your home.

You’ve found a house cleaner, set up the date and time, and are relieved to know that help is on the way! However, a part of you is still unsure of what to expect. Here are some tips on what to expect for your first cleaning.

  1. Ideally, your first house clean should be a deep clean. A deep clean takes DOUBLE the time and typically requires two people. Be prepared to have a cleaner there for most of the day, especially if you have a bigger home. If you are in a hurry, it may be best to reserve a house cleaning for another day.
  2. When your house cleaner arrives, let them know EXACTLY what you expect in the amount of time that they are there.
  3. Be comfortable speaking up. If you find that they are in one spot too long and would like another area of your home focused on, let them know that.
  4. If your home is disorganized, you may find that a house cleaning won’t make much of a difference. Consider getting a home organization company first. We would be glad to refer you to one of our home organization vendors.
  5. Remove the personal things you wouldn’t want others to know or see.
  6. Try not to add other things to the list AFTER the house cleaner gets there. Adding extra things to do may result in an additional fee. It’s better to discuss these things beforehand to ensure it’s covered and eliminate the potential awkwardness.

Professional house cleaners take their jobs seriously and want to impress you. Remember, they are learning you just like you are learning them. If you don’t think it’s a good fit, make that decision early on and communicate it with the house cleaner or referral company. The latter will assist you in finding a house cleaner that meets your expectations.

Setting customer expectations is IMPERATIVE.

Remember that time you had a new ongoing customer who suddenly started cancelling on you? You thought you did a great job and after the cleaning she said she was satisfied, so what’s the hiccup? After talking with her more, she said you didn’t clean the bathroom, when you remember you did and even spent extra time on it. You finally learn that she was specifically concerned about the mold behind the caulking. You even remember how you and your team were unable to reach the mold protected by the caulking and that something like that would probably require a contractor.

Scenarios like this are what even the best house cleaners encounter. So, how can you avoid it?

Set reasonable expectations. Customer satisfaction depends on what expectations were set going into the work, so it’s important to be honest.

You, as the house cleaner, are the expert here, and should therefore, take on the role as educator to the customer. If your client purchases three hours of time for a first time clean and expects it to be spotless, be honest and let them know that this may be unlikely. If this person had a cleaner before who could get it done in that amount of time, consider the person was probably their house cleaner for years and knew the house like the back of their hand.

Trust is everything. You will be inside of someones home. Look for any discrepancies in the customer expectations and reality.  Educate them about what to expect and why, and then fulfill the expectation you have set. Proper education upfront may possibly cost you a few sales, but it will save you and your client tons of frustration in the long run.