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The prices below are not set in stone. They are provided to give you a general idea of what our pricing is like for certain services. To discuss further, please contact us.

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Personal Assistant Services – Pricing

Personal Assistant services are those where one of our Agents has to get in a car and drive to complete a task.

Trial Package




Trying to decide if ICS is right for you? Give our trial package a try and get stuff done.

Premium Package




Perfect for the busy person who occasionally needs help with their to-do list.

VIP Package




If you have weekly tasks that you need help managing, this is likely the best package for you.

Upper Echelon Package 




You’re so busy you can’t even think straight. No worries, we’ve got you covered!

Virtual Assistant Services – Pricing

Virtual Assistant services are those where one of our Agents has to use a phone or computer to complete a task.

SILVER - $240

10 Hours x $24/hour

GOLD - $440 

20 Hours x $22/hour

PLATINUM - $800 

40 Hours x  $20/hour

The pricing shown above is for purchasing blocks of time. These packages are most attractive to those who need us frequently. For example, if your business requires our assistance M-F, 9am – 4pm, then purchasing a block of time would give you a better deal. When you purchase blocks of time, you are paying the stated fee in advance.
The ‘Pay As You Go’ option is great for our clients who only need us one time or sporadically. There is a one hour minimum when you use the Pay As You Go option. After that, you will be billed in 15 minute increments.

  • Pay As You Go (Personal Assistant): $45.00/Hour
  • Pay As You Go (Virtual Assistant): $25.00/Hour
A surcharge may apply for rush jobs and weekend work. Please contact us at to  learn more.



Great prompt exception service. Jessica was able to find not only a recurring maid, & moving company, but also someone to help with the packing/unpacking for my upcoming move. All at great prices! I look forward to working with everyone and will continue to use imperative concierge services for all of my needs. Thanks for the help!”
Jessica M.
“I had a great experience using Imperative to match me with a house cleaner. They met all of my expectations by being on-time and thorough. The house cleaner made parts of my home clean that I didn’t even realize were dirty. I will refer to them again. I really liked the text message reminder and house cleaner profile too.”
Samantha K.
I needed someone to provide housecleaning after my previous housekeeper cancelled. The team at Imperative came to the rescue and found someone for me…AND on a weekend. I couldn’t be more satisfied. Thank you all. I’ll be using you all again in the very near future.”
Kenneth J.
I LOVE YOU!!!!! If I ever lose my mind and have more children I am naming it Jessica (even if its a boy!!)”
“Our lives are very complicated and without help from ICS, it would be impossible to make it thru.”
In the midst of my own chaotic Saturday, Briana provided me with prompt, excellent service along with a few dashes of patience. She made it possible for me to continue working and still meet an important family obligation. If you ever need to be in two places at once, Imperative Concierge can make it happen for you!
I called this service on a weekday and wanted the grocery service by noon. They responded ASAP and shopped and delivered. I used this service again today, Sunday, and they responded ASAP and went out of their way to accomodate us. I have no complaints and the service is just exactly as promised. Refer your friends and family to use them.
Jenna C.