We all have days where we can feel a cold or flu taking over, but not everyone wants to use their precious sick days! Read on for tips on how to prepare yourself to go to work – and survive – while sick. Let your sick days go on strike, and save them for when you REALLY need them!

Prep the night before:

-Pick out and iron a comfortable outfit appropriate for work, so that you can save precious time in the morning for extra snoozing.

-Pack a wholesome lunch and snacks, so that you’re eating enough nutrients to fight whatever is taking over!

-Bring tea and your favorite mug from home. It’ll help you feel cozy and relaxed even though you’re at work.

-Pack plenty of cough drops and medicine to soothe you and fight off your sickness.

The day of…

-Convince yourself you are okay! The more you tell yourself you’re sick, the sicker you’ll feel.

-Take it easy at work! This doesn’t mean slack off, it just means don’t give yourself too many extra tasks that can make you feel overwhelmed. Help yourself breeze through the day without feeling worn out, but still feeling accomplished.

-Stay away from others and wash your hands often. You may be contagious and you don’t want to spread germs throughout the office.

Follow these easy steps and you’ll be able to hold on to those sick days for when they really count!