In the midst of tax season, refund anticipation, and spring break, it’s the perfect time to build healthy habits by learning how to budget your money. Below you will find 4 easy tips and methods that are worth a try if you are in need of getting a grip on your funds!

1.     Envelopes

This system has grown in popularity as more and more people find it easier to keep track of their spending when using cash. When you can actually see and feel your money being spend, versus swiping it away using a card, you may be more inclined to save it. A good way to manage your money when using cash is to divide your funds into separate labeled envelopes. This was you can see how many things you need to pay for at any given time, and you can distribute your money accordingly. This system works really well for servers or other people who earn cash tips.

2.     Automatic Bill Payments

Do you ever dread paying a certain bill each month because it’s a hassle to speak to an automated system, or maybe you always forget to pay it? If this is the case, try using automatic payments for your bills. Most companies provide this option for their clients, and they actually prefer it because of how efficient it can be. Set this up, and you won’t have to stress about keeping track of your due dates. Just be sure that you have enough money in your account at all times to satisfy the balances as they are withdrawn.

3.     Automatic Withdrawals from Pay Checks

Speaking of automated services and their benefits, you can also arrange for a portion of your pay check to be automatically deposited into a separate savings or checking account whenever you get paid. This way, when you get your check, that money is already deposited elsewhere before you get to see it and change your mind. This is a great thing to do when saving up for a big purchase.

4.     Resurrect your Checkbook

When checks were more popular, whenever one was used, a financially saavy person would log the purchase into their checkbook to keep track of their balance. Now that we have debit cards and mobile apps, most people don’t feel the need to do this, as they can log in any time to see their balance. It may be a good idea, however, to actually write down each time you swipe your card. It’ll give you an idea of where all of your money is going, and, like cash, you may be inclined to save it if you have to physically log each purchase.

Hopefully these tips help you remain in control of your finances!