As of 2015, Millennials make up majority of the U.S. workforce. Why is it, though, that they have yet to gain the respect and trust of employers and larger corporations? After doing a bit of research on Millennials, their traits, and other’s opinions of them, there seemed to be more negatives than positives noted to describe the young generation’s workforce attitude. However, when truly examining these traits along the positive traits of Millennials, it’s quite exciting to see what changes the country’s workforce can expect once they truly take over.

Several corporations and businesses have described Millennials as narcissistic, in need of constant coaching and reinforcement, and addicted to social media and blindly oversharing our thoughts on it. It was also noted that Millennials can come off as entitled and disloyal. According to a study found on, commissioned by Elance-oDesk & Millennial Branding, 58% of Millennials plan to leave their jobs in 3 years or less. It makes sense how these characteristics can sound unappealing to current workforce superiors.

What everyone needs to realize, though, is that the time for Millennials is now, and career-life as we know it will be ending in the next few years to come! Millennials are innovative, ambitious, creative, personable, and proud. Millennials have tons of quirks about themselves that make them qualified to take over the work force. In order to gain the respect that they so desire, they must embrace and change the negative views other have, and flaunt their strengths!

Here’s what we envision the U.S. workforce to evolve into in the next few years…

-More creative jobs, less systematic jobs

-Technology driven processes (convenient and efficient)

-Much more open-door policies within companies

-Less stress on a dress code, more spotlight on individuality

-Less necessity for seniority

-An improved work-life balance

That doesn’t sound so bad now, does it? Are you ready to embrace the workforce “Y2K” that is inevitably approaching? Or are you concerned about what Millennials have to bring to the table?

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