Even if you are fully satisfied and established within your career, there is absolutely nothing wrong with waking up every morning and doing a quick online job hunt. Here’s why:

-Job hunting helps you put your career objectives into perspective. Take a look at various job descriptions and what they entail. You never know, the title you always thought you wanted may not be what it seems.

-You can also map out your career path through simply looking at skills and qualifications needed for the job title you are ultimately working toward. Required experience and qualifications can change with the times, so it’s a good idea to keep track of what you need to be working on to excel.

-Checking job listings often also keeps you aware of opportunities for yourself and others! What if you happen to one day find a great job listing that you are qualified for and would rather be doing? You would never know if you weren’t searching for it.

With all that being said, try not to get complacent with your current job position. Always have an eye out for opportunities or more information that can help prepare you to be the best candidate.