Even the deepest sleepers can experience sleepless nights every now and then. Having an important interview the next day or dealing with a family crisis are just some of the many causes of not being able to get some good shut eye. While consistent insomnia is something that should be discussed with a doctor, we’ve come up with a quick treatment for those random nights of tossing and turning that may arise.

Next time you’re suffering from a bout of insomnia, follow these steps and you’ll be snoozing in no time!

  1. Have a quick snack.

Did you know there are healthy comfort foods and scents that can relax you? Bananas, honey, and celery are a few options to choose from. You can find more here.

  1. Don’t clock watch!

Fight the urge to check your clocks, turn on your TV, or sift through social media on your phone. Not only will the glaring light spark brain activity, but being aware of how late it is can stress you out even more, thus keeping you awake.

  1. Do something quiet and productive.

Once you’re back in bed from your snack, find a book or crossword puzzle to work on. Write out a fun list, like your favorite ages, in order, and why. Be sure not to read or write anything that’ll spark more anxiety. It should take your mind off of whatever’s keeping you awake, and should quickly induce sleepiness.

  1. Play a soothing album or playlist on repeat.

When you’re ready to turn off your lamp and give sleep another chance, listen to soothing music at a very low volume – so low that you have to be absolutely still in order to hear the tune. This’ll relax your muscles, and notify your body that it’s time to rest.

  1. Fantasize

The final step, and what we’ve found to be most effective, is to close your eyes and map out a scenario in your mind. Every single detail should be thought of in order, as if you’re completing the task. For example, pretend you’re packing for a vacation. Think of exactly what you would put in your suitcase, and imagine yourself finding, folding, and packing each item. By the time you get to the airport in your fantasy, you’ll be asleep in real life!

Sweet dreams!