In 2015, the percentage of households with seniors was greater than the percentage of households with children in several counties throughout Michigan. Matter of fact, in Oakland County, 37.8% of households had at least 1 person 60 years of age or older. When I reviewed those stats I became further interested in just how many seniors actually live alone and I found that at least 29% stay by themselves. Of those seniors living alone, 71% are women!

My studies in gerontology taught me a very important concept and I’ve never forgotten it: autonomy. Those seniors who live alone are practicing their right to be independent and make their own choices, even though their children and other family members may voice and display concern about this. The concerns that their family members have are valid; it’s a natural feeling we have for someone we love dearly.

The anxiety they have regarding their parents is probably due to their inability to always be available due to other obligations. Most adult children have their own families and are working full-time, which makes it difficult to routinely check in. This feeling is certainly heightened if you live in another state and you are relying solely on your mom or dad to contact you about their well-being.

An affordable solution to this is Care Checks by Imperative Concierge Services LLC. With Care Checks, we provide personalized daily assurance calls for seniors in Metro Detroit. Those assurance calls give us the ability to see how your loved one is doing, remind them of medications and meals, and meet their socialization needs. In addition, if your loved one needs something such as a prescription pick-up, light bulb changed, or any other errand that you can think of, we have Concierge Agents available to perform that service.

For those seniors that don’t quite need direct care and those family members who are too busy to do it all, our service can grant you a peace of mind.

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