For entrepreneurs, busy professionals, and seniors in Metro Detroit looking to keep their schedules and lives in order, Imperative Concierge Services offers personalized, attractive and cost-effective virtual concierge services.

So, what exactly is a virtual concierge?

A virtual concierge assists everyone from busy executives to momtrepreneurs with checking things off of their to-do list. We provide customized lifestyle management solutions in the same way that a personal assistant would. The only difference is that we can do so virtually!

When you think about it, there is always something that needs to be done. Most of us could use an extra set of hands to get through our busy days.

Therefore, why wouldn’t you contact someone with the expertise and organizational skills to help with tasks like:

* Scheduling appointments *

* Making travel arrangements *

* Reserving dinner *

* Finding hard to get concert and event tickets *

This is where Imperative Concierge Services comes in. Our team of highly skilled and widely experienced Concierge Agents is able to provide virtual concierge services to individuals and businesses throughout Metro Detroit.


Above all, Imperative Concierge Services is here to be your results driven partner and we take pride in helping individuals and businesses flourish.

We have designed lifestyle management solutions that cater to busy professionals and businesses in Metro Detroit to ensure that they can maximize their time, money, and results.

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