Let’s talk about CHORES!

And how whether we love them or hate them, they still have to be done 🙄. 

We thought it’d be interesting to research just how much time we spend on chores each day. AND…we also wanted to get an idea of which tasks people actually like and which ones they totally hate. Shall you read on to learn more? 

Based on data from the Bureau of of Labor Statistics, men spend approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes doing household activities each day. Women, on the other hand, spend approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes per day doing chores. This includes tasks like


laundry, meal preparation, maintenance, lawn/garden, light housekeeping, and household management. Easily, we’re looking at over 10 hours per week being dedicated to just chores!

The data also found that women spent more than twice as much time preparing meals and doing household cleaning, and over

three times as much time doing laundry as did men. The fellas spent more than twice as much time doing activities related to lawn/garden and maintenance as did women. Are you surprised by the results?

FYI: this data was collected in 2015 from non-institutionalized individuals age 15 and up and includes all days of the week.

Love It Or Hate It: Swipe Left or Right

To make things interesting, we decided to create a quick and simple game where you swipe right if you enjoy the chore (or can at least tolerate it) and swipe left if you just hate it! Happy Swiping!

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If you’re interested in delegating those chores that you hate to someone else, contact us for a free 15 minute consultation. We have people in our network who love exactly what you can’t stand.