College Student Concierge in Metro Detroit

When the time comes to send your child off to college, you may be hit with a variety of emotions. The feelings of being proud

college student concierge

and overjoyed may also be mixed with a little anxiety, sadness, and uncertainty. You’ll be sending your child off to a new

location where they’ll be faced with new experiences. It’s only normal that you want them to be safe, comfortable, happy, and healthy. The answer is college student concierge services.

Imperative Concierge Services provides virtual and personal assistant services in the Metro Detroit/Southeastern Michigan area. We collaborate with local businesses to make sure that your new college student has the resources they need. Check out how we can help:


We can help find and hire reputable movers in the area that meet your budget. In addition, we’ll handle getting the boxes, tape, and more so you don’t have to miss work, class, or another obligation.


Sometimes you don’t notice the things you forgot at home until you’ve been at school a few days. Not to worry! We can head to the store to pick-up the things you forgot and more.


Home-cooked meals that fit your taste buds aren’t a thing of the past once you get to college. We can work with personal chefs in the area to bring meals to you or prepare them right in front of you.

college student concierge

Cleaning Services

Imperative Concierge Services can coordinate your next cleaning service so you can focus on getting great grades!

Furniture Assembly

Looking for someone to put together tables, chairs, and more in your new place? We’ll call technicians who can get it right the first time.

TV Set-up

We can coordinate a professional technician to come by your apartment or dorm to set-up your television and even mount your TV.

Call on us as needed and we’ll deliver our tailor-made virtual and personal assistant services to you and your college student.

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