Let’s face it…

In a time where people are becoming increasingly unable to disconnect from work due to constant emails and more, it’s important to grant your employees with some sort of solution.

corporate concierge

What if your employees could have their oil changed, groceries picked-up, and a contractor fixing the latest maintenance issue – all while they were at work? When tasks are being managed at work and at home, it brings a person peace of mind.  Visualize just how much their productivity would increase because they have a clearer mind and because they feel appreciated!

Further imagine outsourcing some of your administrative responsibilities to the experts, so your business can focus on maximizing their results.

This my friends, is what you call, Corporate Concierge

Corporate Concierge is definitely something your business should consider if you’re looking to enhance your employee benefit package, award and/or recognize staff, acknowledge special clients, and focus on your bottom line.

corporate concierge

Long Hours Can Backfire

When more hours are being put on an employee, it leaves them less time to handle personal matters. When this happens, an employee may begin handling personal tasks while on the clock, which leads to a significant decline in productivity and a rise in stress. Everyone has their peak performance time and after that, it becomes more challenging to focus, which leads to more errors, wasted time, and wasted money.

To enhance productivity by helping employees with theirs personal matters, you’ll earn their trust and they’ll be more likely to go above and beyond for the company. Implementing a corporate concierge program can help restore productivity and decrease stress.

Reasons Why Someone Might Use A Corporate Concierge Program – They…

  • lost their luggage in transit and need a suit for a big meeting,
  • forgot to pack a school lunch for their child,
  • are in the process of moving and need help packing, unpacking, etc.,
  • need to arrange transportation for their moms doctor appointment
  • need groceries to cook dinner, but won’t have time to do the shopping after work,
  • And much more!

There’s A Solution in Metro Detroit

Thankfully, Imperative Concierge Services provides this service in the Metro Detroit area. We can customize a program that meets your budget and exceeds your expectations. To learn more, book a Free Consultation below!