Interior Design: When Business And Creativity Meet

The interior design business as an industry is growing slowly, but that doesn’t mean interior design job obligations are, too. The number of interior stylists in the business is steadily increasing, which means the number of clients you’ll be picking up will increase as well. It can be exciting to watch your creative business grow. But, you might want to consider a virtual assistant for your interior design firm. Here’s why…

Nearly 25% of all interior designers are self-employed, which means that you’ll not only be doing the creative lifting but all of the bookkeeping and administrative work, too. As a creative business owner, we know it can be difficult to balance the artsy and the administrative. Running a business might just be the least creative thing you’ll do in an interior design firm, and all the busywork can add up; from phone calls to bookkeeping, you have a lot on your plate. You might even find that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done.

Let A Virtual Assistant Take Care Of The Busywork

Virtual Assistant for Interior Design Firm

You didn’t become an interior designer to sit in an office and answer emails all day. You became an interior designer to provide clients with stunning living spaces and aesthetically pleasing floorplans. If the busywork starts to last longer than the creative work, you run the risk of burning out.

A virtual assistant can help relieve some of the growing pains of your creative business by managing your administrative projects and tasks. A skilled virtual assistant can answer your emails, handle bookkeeping and finances, answer calls, reach out to current and prospective clients, schedule appointments, and manage travel and lodging accommodations. They can even source and purchase products on your behalf. 

If you’re a self-employed interior stylist, you can hire a virtual assistant to handle your marketing. Remote assistants skilled in social media marketing and SEO can craft beautiful advertisements and website copy. If you run a regular blog or newsletter, your virtual assistant can take over and write the perfect copy to send to your audience.

Virtual assistants can also network with valuable partners and liaise with designers, photographers, curators, and more. A virtual assistant can handle all of the coordination between your clients and vendors so you don’t have to.

Still Busy? Pass The Design Work To Your Virtual Assistant!

With all of the business stuff passed along to a virtual assistant, you can focus on what matters most to you: design.

But what if you have an off day? What happens in an emergency, or if you’re experiencing burnout? Or maybe you’re still overworked and you just need to pass off a little more work to an assistant.

Virtual Assistant for Interior Design Firm

Virtual assistants with a keen sense of design can help you with the art side of your business as well. A virtual assistant can create 2D and 3D renders, compose concept designs and inspiration/mood boards, edit photos, draft floor plans, or simply tell you whether or not your design has the aesthetic you’re aiming for.

Finding The Right Virtual Assistant for Interior Design Firm

Finding the perfect virtual assistant for your interior design firm might just sound like more work piled on top of everything else; who has time to find a remote assistant when they’re busy designing dream homes and calculating finances? If you’re swamped with client calls and product orders, it may be time to find a virtual assistant to help manage your business. But where do you start? Well, Imperative Concierge has you covered.

Don’t worry about taking valuable time out of your day by drafting job listings or interviewing virtual assistants. Imperative Concierge Services has the perfect virtual assistant (or assistants) for any and all of your needs. We’ll connect you to virtual assistants with plenty of experience and an eye for design so you can rest easy knowing anything you delegate is in good hands.

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