Coaching In the Modern Age

Coaching is extremely important. In fact, businesses that utilize effective coaching programs achieve a nearly 30% higher win rate and 17% annual revenue growth. With numbers this significant, companies and working professionals can’t afford not to provide ample coaching. Because of this, many companies are incorporating coaching into their offices and projects. The prospects for coaching businesses is projected to grow quite a bit in the next few years

For the coaches, this means plenty of important, serious work. The amount of jobs you’ll be expected to take on will only grow in our tech-forward business culture. You have to be on top of the numbers, the trends, and any issues that arise in the middle of it all. Leading clients and coworkers can be as fulfilling as it is stressful, but your work-life balance may struggle because of it. If you’re struggling to manage the administrative tasks with the interpersonal jobs you’d rather be doing, it may be time to consider a virtual assistant. 

Virtual Assistant for Coaches

The “business” side of a coaching business can be tedious at the best of times. If you really want to help your clients, you have to spend hours of your day talking to them and analyzing problems. That doesn’t leave much time for bookkeeping, scheduling, or managing your internet presence. 

Enter the virtual assistant. Professional remote assistants get business done so you can get back to your own business. With a virtual assistant, you’ll find achieving your personal goals much easier, as you’ll have a much more valuable work-life balance. They are three times more efficient than the average employee, and they don’t even need office space! No only that, but they can work weekends and off hours and even finish tasks while you’re away on vacation. 

What You Can Delegate to a Virtual Assistant 

Virtual Assistant For Coaches

Obviously, virtual assistants are an asset to any business. If you haven’t hired a virtual assistant yet, you could actually be losing money. But what does a virtual assistant do, exactly? Here are just a few ideas…

  • Manage calendars and schedules, as well as remind you of upcoming appointments 
  • Handle bookkeeping, invoices, manage revenue goals, and create reports for finances 
  • Research and analyze market trends 
  • Manage websites and social media accounts, including creating SEO-driven copy 
  • Create ad campaigns and implement campaigns through multiple channels, and analyze data from those campaigns 
  • Inform you of upcoming webinars or conferences that may be of interest 
  • Handle phone calls and emails of clients, and other customer service 
  • Book flights and hotels for travel and draft itineraries for your trip
  • Manage ecommerce platforms 
  • Create email and newsletter blasts 
  • Assist with graphic design for websites, social media, ads, and more 
  • And more!

Obviously there’s no lack of tasks a virtual assistant can do for coaches. If there’s a task you struggle with, chances are there’s a virtual assistant out there who can take on the job so you can get back to the things you enjoy doing most. 

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    The Perfect Virtual Assistant for Coaches

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