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As populations grow and markets expand to meet larger needs, so too does the need for a tax consultant. Businesses and individuals alike are taking on more work, and less free time means they can’t dedicate enough of their day to learning tax legalities and filling out paperwork. Because of this, the tax preparer occupation is expected to increase at a much faster rate than the national average for most jobs, an incredible 10%! That’s great news for the tax consultants looking for clients.

However, you’re most likely already busy enough as it is. Tax preparation takes a lot of time, and those hours not spent working on paperwork are normally spent studying laws and market trends. If your tax advisory is already swamped with customers and phone calls, it may be time to consider hiring a virtual assistant. 

Virtual Assistant for Tax Advisor

Virtual Assistant for Tax Advisor

A virtual assistant is like a secretary that works over the internet. Unlike a secretary, however, virtual assistants can also take on specialized tasks in your field. Because they’re remote, they don’t need office space. Freelance virtual assistants also handle their own personal taxes and can complete tasks quicker and more efficiently than on average. This means you’ll actually be saving money by hiring a virtual assistant

Another benefit to hiring a remote assistant is that you’ll free up time at work by delegating tasks to them, creating a better work-life balance. Virtual assistants can also work on your off hours, while you’re out sick, or even when you’re out vacationing. All in all, the time and money saving that a virtual assistant can offer your tax preparation business is too good to pass up. But what exactly can a virtual assistant do for you? Check out this (by no means exhaustive!) list of tasks you can pass on. 

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    Delegate to a Virtual Assistant 

    • Create and implement strategies for efficient tax preparation 
    • Manage and maintain databases 
    • Process tax returns 
    • Liaise with potential and current clients through telephone and email 
    • Manage social media accounts and website updates 
    • Create SEO content for blogs, articles, and newsletters 
    • Design and implement marketing strategies online, including images and text
    • Handle calendars and send notifications on upcoming appointments 
    • Research and keep up-to-date information on tax-related laws and etiquette
    • Sending and managing invoices and bookkeeping
    • Work with clients to tailor their tax information and reduce tax liability 
    • Notify you when webinars or conferences pop up
    • Book transportation for meetings, conferences, and business-related trips 
    • Analyze trends and data to find any indescrepencies or red flags 
    • Create visually appealing informational reports on data across multiple platforms 
    • Manage estate planning information and forms 
    • And more!

    If you can think of a task, chances are your virtual assistant for tax advisor can do it. The best way to know if your virtual assistant can handle a task is simply to ask them. Many assistants are experienced in business management, content creation, and data entry, taking care of more than half of the above list. 

    Virtual Assistant for Tax Advisor

    Find the Right Virtual Assistant for Tax Advisor 

    So you’re ready to hire a virtual assistant. You’re probably put off by the prospect of having to write a job listing, interview potential clients, and all of the other preliminary work that needs to be done before hiring someone new. Turns out, you don’t have to. Imperative Concierge can take over the vetting and hiring process for you. We’ll connect you with professional, experienced virtual assistants matched specifically to your list of needs in a new employee. Save time, money, and knock out stress with the perfect virtual assistant for tax advisors. Get back to the things you love with Imperative Concierge Service. 

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