When you’re working in the entertainment industry, especially one that publishes online constantly, then you lead a very busy lifestyle. Whether you’re always trying to find new content for your listeners or just mingling with fans on social media, anyone task could take hours if you just focus on one thing. Some of those tasks, though, take away from your actual job: making podcasts.

You may find that after a certain point of success, it’s impossible to keep going alone. Getting a friend involved or hiring a secretary could be a little complicated, considering the situation. You want someone who shares your vision and passion, someone who can get things done professionally and efficiently. A virtual assistant might be right up your alley.

The Growing Industry

There’s no denying that the podcast industry is growing by the second. About one out of three people in the United States listens to a podcast at least once a month. In 2018, that number was one in every four people. With so many listeners, there’s a push to put out more content. Some podcasts are even released daily to keep on top of high demand. Publishing a podcast is great, but designing one that’ll be successful is even better. Unfortunately, you’re not making money when you’re trying to decide what the best content is.

This is where a virtual assistant comes in. They can look at current popular news, find what the beat topics are for that day or even that hour, write up a loose script, make sure all equipment is optimal, and perform nearly any other duty you may need. Your job is to get the content out to the public and make sure the money comes in. The assistant is meant to help you get there.

Virtual Assistant For Podcast Hosts

Two heads are better than one, so to speak. Once you find someone who knows what they’re doing and shares the same vision, the podcast could be unstoppable. The virtual assistant is there to get two primary jobs done: make the work run more efficiently and allow you to do your actual job. You’re there to make podcasts, after all. A virtual assistant can handle any clerical or social media tasks that comes with the job.

These days, to be a successful podcasts in a sea of others, you need a little publicity to get your name out there. Selling a podcast is almost like selling a book these days. The virtual assistant can create and run your entire social media presence to hook new followers and please older ones. This isn’t even the limit of what a virtual assistant can do for you.

What You Can Delegate To a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant for Podcast Hosts

The type of tasks a virtual assistant can do for you is only limited by your imagination. Whatever sort of work you have that they’re qualified to handle, they can do for you while you work on what you need to. Here are just a few ideas of what a virtual assistant can do:

  • Manage social media platforms. This task has already been mentioned, but it can’t be stated enough how social media can really keep someone busy, especially in the entertainment industry. If you need your name out there, a virtual assistant can help with that.
  • Handle administrative tasks. If you’re spending more time on the phone trying to coordinate things than you are making podcasts, a virtual assistant can handle those calls or emails for you.
  • Creating assets for the podcasts, like episode thumbnails, extra sounds or clips, or anything else that can spice up the show.
  • Post-production editing can be delegated to a virtual assistant. They can take out all of the unwanted sound while you’re left with just making the podcast in the first place.
  • Organizing interviews and communicating with potential guests. A lot of podcasts like having guests on their show, and a virtual assistant can handle the logistics behind it. They can schedule or reschedule meetings, prepare recordings on multiple ends, brief the guest and whatever else you may need.

Finding a Virtual Assistant For Podcast Hosts

Virtual Assistant for Podcast Hosts

Finding the right virtual assistant for your business doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Now only can they be easy to find, but a virtual assistant is typically much cheaper than your average secretary and has more specialized knowledge.

Imperative Concierge has a lot of experience finding the right virtual assistant for any business, including podcasts. If you’re in the metro Detroit area, we can work with you to find someone who’s perfect for your operation. We’re experts at matching our services with the needs of our clients. If you’re thinking about this great opportunity, then please consider a free consultation with us.