Being a professional writer is much harder than it sounds. Sure, sitting around and writing stories all day for a living might sound glamorous, but it takes a lot of mental energy that people with families and full-time jobs just don’t have a whole lot of. Yet, when you’re a writer, you have to write even when you don’t feel like it at every spare moment you can find. However, when your books start to take off, you might find you’ll have a lot less time than you thought.

Author, Writer, and Editor’s Growth 

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industry for writers and authors is projected to grow another eight percent between 2016 and 2026. This rate of growth is average but shows that there is no slowing down as far as writing is concerned. Because the industry is still growing, there will always be a need to stay ahead of the curve and get your writing out there.

A lot of the job of authors is marketing their own works, whether through public readings, social media, or other avenues. Unfortunately, these duties prevent writers from writing, which is their profession and livelihood. The good news is that they aren’t personally needed for many of these tasks. If you, an author, find yourself missing deadlines because of website management or social media platforms, then you might want to consider a virtual assistant.

Virtual Assistant for Authors

Virtual Assistant For Authors 

When you’re a writer, your main job should be writing. A virtual assistant can handle the extra stuff for you so that you can get back to what you were always meant to be doing.

An assistant that shares your vision and passion can make the whole operation run smoother while making a bigger impact.

Of course, many have concerns about hiring a virtual assistant. The price of help and the desire for doing things on your own are both valid concerns to have. However, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to hire an assistant within your budget. Not to mention that you have to think about the long-term situation and what you’ll have time to do later. Getting extra help now can save you another book in the future.

What You Can Delegate To a Virtual Assistant 

Virtual Assistant for Authors

A virtual assistant can do nearly everything for you except for what your more personal tasks, like appearances or actually writing. Depending on their level of expertise, they can handle nearly anything you choose to throw their way. Here are a few examples:

  • Marketing. The biggest part of selling your work is the marketing aspect. Leave the SEO writing and social media management to the virtual assistant. They can spend hours selling your books while you’re busy writing them.
  • Administration. A lot of creative rights float around when you’re an author. Letting an assistant handle the paperwork and phone calls leaves you free to handle your more important tasks.
  • Scheduling. Part of marketing is getting out there yourself. However, that includes making appointments with local news stations and bookstores to get into the public eye. The assistant can handle that front and, since they already know your schedule, can bend around appointment times to make the flexible for you.

Finding a Virtual Assistant For Authors 

The search for a virtual assistant with a passion for not only writing but what you’re writing about sounds like they can be hard to find. On the contrary, there are plenty of people in this industry looking to help out authors just like you.

Imperative Concierge has plenty of experience pairing up virtual assistants with the people who need them most. And if you’re in the metro Detroit area, then we can work with you to find that perfect personal assistant who can help your writing and vision reach new heights. Please consider a free consultation if you’re thinking about hiring a virtual assistant. Perhaps the right help is just a click away.

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