The painting industry is actually wide and varied. You could be part of the fine arts sphere where you create beautiful artwork to sell as contracted labor or to individual buyers, or you could be part of the construction sphere where you paint walls and other materials for a building. Whatever it is you do, there’s a need for painters in the world, and working for this trade can keep people surprisingly busy.

The Growth Rate of The Painting Industry

While construction and fine arts are two very different industries, they both have a lot in common. For instance, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, both industries will grow about six percent between 2016 to 2026, an average speed of growth. Because the industry is growing at an average pace but still growing, getting into this field will be challenging but possible.

Once you’re in the field, you’ll find a lot of hardships coming your way. There are project deadlines, budgeting, negotiating with new project leads, marketing, and all kinds of things that’ll keep you busy that don’t include actually painting. This is where a virtual assistant can come in and help out your business! They’ll making sure everything runs smoothly and the work can keep on growing. They can handle everything that you don’t have time to do, which can lead to more work and more money.

Virtual Assistant For Painters 

Virtual Assistant For Painters

While a virtual assistant can end up being a great way to make and save money, some professionals have concerns about bringing one on. The assistant needs to be a partner of the business, so there’s a lot of trust you’re putting into someone. Not being able to meet the virtual assistant face-to-face can understandably be a bit daunting! However, technological advances now allow individuals to get the job done without personally being around.

What You Can Delegate To a Virtual Assistant for Painters

While a virtual assistant won’t be able to help you do the manual labor, like actually painting, they can handle the tasks that you’re too busy to get to. The sky’s the limit to what you can delegate to your virtual assistant, and hashing things out beforehand can give you an idea of what they’re experienced in to make sure you’re getting the most efficient use of their time. Here are just a few things you should be able to delegate to any virtual assistant.

  • Scheduling. Whether they’re scheduling clients or making your schedule for work, they can play around with the numbers to fit everything in just right.
  • Preparing estimates and quotes. While you probably have production rates written down somewhere, getting them to a client in a timely matter is something else. Your virtual assistant can handle estimates, quotes, proposals, and rates for you while you worry about the bigger picture.
  • Marketing. Whether they’re tasked with creating website content or speaking out on social media, your virtual assistant can get your business’ name out there. From video blogs to online how-to guides, an assistant can do it all.

Finding a Virtual Assistant For Painters 

Virtual Assistant For Painters

A virtual assistant that shares the same attitude about business as you do isn’t all that hard to find. There are a lot of people in this industry and many of them are looking to assist a company likes yours! That means there’s plenty of people to choose from and we can help you select the right fit.

Imperative Concierge has a lot of experience pairing up a virtual assistant with the business they’ll fit into best. If you’re to get started, then book a free, no-obligation consultation below! We can work with you to find someone to fit your exact needs. Hopefully, all the help you need to get your business booming again is a single click away.

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