Whether you’re a public speaker from the technology industry or the health and wellness space, one thing you all have in common is a whole lot of work. Most people aren’t aware of what takes place behind the scenes. It’s easy for people to think it’s just a matter of standing in front of large bodies of people and talking. However, we know that many tasks have to take place before you hit the stage and communicate your expertise to the masses. To start, you have to research who needs a public speaker and then effectively pitch them! Then, if you’re selected, you then have to prepare an engaging speech that connects with your audience. Trying to do all of this alone can seem overwhelming and tedious, but a virtual assistant for speakers can make it easier.

The Bursting Public Speaking Industry 

The industry for public speaking is growing by leaps and bounds. According to Statista, the market is expected to grow 14.6 percent from 2019 to 2023. This is a much larger figure than average, meaning there’s going to be a lot more competition in this industry soon. The more competition, the harder it will be to find work, even for those who are practically veterans in their careers.

A large market like this is going to constantly keep you busy from trying to earn new customers and offering better things to the customer base you already have. Then there’s the paperwork, scheduling, rehearsals, PowerPoint slides, and all of the little things that come with being a professional speaker. At this point, it’s almost necessary to call this a team-built or at least a two-person job. Getting a virtual assistant may help more than you realize.

Virtual Assistant For Speakers: Who Are They?

Virtual Assistant for Speakers

Before we clarify what a virtual assistant for speakers can do, let’s first explain what a virtual assistant is.

A virtual assistant is a self-employed professional who assists individuals and businesses virtually. They can help with everything from data entry to building email marketing campaigns.

A Virtual Assistant for Speakers (also known as a Public Speakers Assistant) is a cost-effective way to get some help in your business. Since they’re independent contractors, you’re not responsible for providing benefits and vacation/sick days, withholding income tax, lending them a computer, etc. As a business owner, these are things that can get incredibly expensive. Plus, you might not even require a part-time or full-time employee yet. Virtual Assistants are beneficial when you’re still trying to assess your business needs.

What Can You Delegate To a Virtual Assistant for Speakers?

Virtual Assistant for Speakers

Your whole career and passion are speaking. Communicating in a way that helps others not only is your bread and butter, but it’s also what you’re great at! Therefore, it makes sense to let someone else handle the more tedious things so that you can do more of what you’re meant to do: Speaking. All of these little extra things help get you there, but they aren’t what’s making the money. Here are just a few things your virtual assistant can handle for you:

  • Calendar management. Scheduling appointments is one thing, but you’re going to be out and about a lot as a public speaker. Most likely, your calendar looks a little cluttered. A virtual assistant can clean up everything, give you more time to yourself, and not remove any of your appointments.
  • Preparing content. A lot of speakers use slideshows to illustrate their point and stay on topic. Making these slideshows, though, can be time-consuming. Let your virtual assistant handle that for you.
  • Promotions. The best way to get public speaking work is by getting your name out there. A virtual assistant can handle your social media accounts and beef up your website to help you really stand out from the crowd.

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