The marijuana industry is a very different specimen from most other new businesses. This is an industry that’s been here for some time under illegal means. Now that the herb is slowly becoming legalized, business is booming. So many people are getting involved now, you could almost consider the industry to be brand new by its own right. Regardless of what anyone may think about the controversial substance, we can all agree that there is a lot of money in marijuana.

The Budding Marijuana Industry 

With marijuana now becoming legal in many parts of the world, the industry is basically overflowing with new companies selling the herb legally. According to the Associated Press, investors put $10 billion into the marijuana industry in 2018. They’re also expected to put in another $16 billion by the end of 2019. The same source cites that the legal marijuana industry was worth $10.4 billion in 2018 and created about 250,000 new jobs.

Simply put, while a new industry on the market is amazing for the economy, the competition is fierce. Everyone wants to be involved in a new industry that’s clearly a goldmine. New company owners can find themselves going big or bust very quickly with this kind of market. Having some extra help on the side can really lighten the load for you and make sure you have a better chance at success.

Virtual Assistant for the Marijuana Industry 

Virtual Assistant for Marijuana Industry

Whether or not you’re new to running a business, the legal marijuana industry isn’t very old. Running a business in a new market can be very tricky to navigate depending on how saturated the market is. The problem is that you can only go by predictions. Solid evidence of how the market will behave will be in way later, after your business is hopefully already moving.

You probably already have a network of people working in the business with you. However, a virtual assistant can make everything more efficient. By taking the menial labor off of you and your employees, the virtual assistant can do the paperwork while you run a business. The industry is already tough enough. You can get some extra help from the outside so that you aren’t going it alone.

What You Can Delegate To a Virtual Assistant 

Running a new business in an industry that has been met with controversy is likely going to be a challenge depending on where you’re based. Just getting a new business going is challenging enough, but you’ll likely have a lot of clientele pretty quickly. A lot of clients is good but too much at once could be a little more than stressful. Here are a few things you can delegate to a virtual assistant while you deal with customers and your business.

  • Fact checking legal information. The marijuana industry is new because of the very tight legal restrictions against cannabis. The law is constantly changing, even on a local level. Therefore, having someone keeping up with this data can keep you ahead of the competition.
  • Scheduling meetings. Whether these meetings are with new clients, retailers or producers, you can have a virtual assistant set up the meeting and even conduct them online.
  • Customer service. With the modern world being so technologically dependent, a lot of people will want to use internet-based customer service before anything else. Your virtual assistant can handle these calls, emails and social media accounts without bothering the employees in your storefront.

Finding a Virtual Assistant for the Marijuana Industry

Virtual assistants are out there and they can really make a big difference on a new company. With the industry booming and many people wanting to get involved, finding a virtual assistant shouldn’t be difficult in the least. If you are having some difficulties, though, there’s a service to help you out.

Imperative Concierge offers virtual assistant help for whatever need you have. This includes helping out your growing marijuana business! No matter where you are, a free consultation is just a click away. Getting some extra help doesn’t have to be a chore. Imperative Concierge is already here to help!

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