In today’s world, you’ll find them everywhere. At weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, graduation parties, and more. Can you guess what I’m talking about? If you thought about photo booths, then you’re absolutely correct and if you own one, then you’ll want to read this. We’re going to dive into the benefits of a virtual assistant for photo booth owners! If your photo booth business is currently booming or on track to do so, then you don’t want to skip this.

Today’s Photo Booths Are Digital

There’s no denying that photo booths are a lot of fun and truly they always have been. However, technology has without a doubt taken them to the next level. With a touch screen, built-in camera, and customizable capabilities – clients and their guests are sure to be entertained at whatever event they find a photo booth. Because of this, photo booths aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and they’re only getting better. There is certainly a demand there and as a photo booth owner, you want to provide the supply.

virtual assistant photo booth owner

It’s Still a Business

Although photo booths are a ton of fun, we still can’t forget the business side of things. Consider the following:

  • What’s the process of someone booking the photo booth?
  • If you have a team, then who’s scheduling it?
  • If you have multiple photo booths, how do you keep track of who gets which one at what time?
  • How do you let people know you exist and retarget previous customers so they use you at their next event?

The list of “business stuff” really could go on and on.

Photo Booths Are A Great Business Idea

The great thing about a photo booth business is that it’s fairly easy to scale once you get the hang of things. However, scaling often means you becoming busier. Sure you can hire attendants to man the photo booths but what about handling the behind the scenes tasks as your business grows. I know you didn’t get into business to be overwhelmed and overworked! So now I’ll share the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant for a photo booth owner.

Virtual Assistant for Photo Booth Owner

First things first, let me clarify what a virtual assistant. A lot of people believe that virtual assistants only perform administrative tasks but they can do so much more than that. To put it simply, virtual assistant literally just means someone who can assist you virtually. And assistance could be in the form of content writing, email marketing, project management, and more.

Tasks You Could Delegate

virtual assistant photo booth owner

In the photo booth industry, a virtual assistant could assist you with a number of tasks. Consider the following:

  • On-boarding and off-boarding clients. An assistant for a photo booth owner could send the contract and invoice to the client. In addition, after the service, they can follow-up to get a testimonial.
  • Have an email list? If not, you should get one! An assistant who specializes in email marketing can create emails that go to prospective and previous clients alike.
  • Are you active on social media? Platforms like Instagram and Facebook allow future clients to see firsthand what your photo booth does. A virtual assistant can schedule the content and engage with your following to boost sales.
  • Who says you have to be the one to schedule your photo booth attendants? A virtual assistant can schedule them based on their availability.
  • Clients will always have questions and concerns but you don’t have to be the one to do all the responding. An assistant for photo booth owners can respond to emails, answer the phone, and more.

Outsource So You Can Grow

Those are just a few tasks that a virtual assistant can do to help you run your photo booth company. They can assist you with tasks in your personal life too. Doctor’s appointments, dinner reservations, you name it! If you’d like to discuss more ways that a virtual assistant can help you with your photo booth company, just book a consultation below! We’re ready to help you hire a virtual assistant!

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