ClickUp Set-up and Implementation Service

If you’re a business owner that’s struggling to stay organized and tired of using multiple applications, try ClickUp. ClickUp deems itself the “one app to replace them all,” and a lot of people swear by it, especially remote workers. Several companies are beginning to allow their workforce to work from home, and they’ll be looking for solutions like ClickUp. With project management capabilities, goal-tracking, time tracking, and more – ClickUp is an attractive solution. However, for some, getting used to all of these features can be a little bit daunting. As a result, we’re now offering ClickUp set-up and implementation services.

ClickUp Set-Up and Implementation

Our ClickUp Set-up and Implementation Service helps new and existing ClickUp users get the most out of the application. We offer four different packages that include:

#1 User Set-up

ClickUp allows its users to create four different roles which are: Member, Admin, Owner, or Guest. These four roles allow you to share access with not only your team but also your clients. With the right set-up, your clients can access ClickUp to communicate with you, see deadlines, check their project status, and more. However, achieving this requires the right user set-up. We’ll work with you to ensure your team and clients only get the access they need.

#2 Workflow Set-up

For those with multiple departments that follow different processes, try ClickUps tailored project management software. Our ClickUp set-up and implementation service can help you build the workflows and processes you need to achieve. We know you probably already have a lot on your plate, so let us handle the daunting task of getting this set-up for you and your team.

#3 View Set-Up

Some of us like lists and others like boards. Whatever you prefer, ClickUp likely has a view for you. With ClickUp Views, you can see what you need in a way that makes the most sense to you. Our ClickUp set-up and implementation service can help you easily track your firm’s progress with the applications’ Goals and Dashboard features.

We’re Here to Help

New applications can take some time to get used to, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Consider the following ways we can help you:

How-to Videos

In addition to the above, we can create how-to videos that you can watch in your own time that show you exactly what to do. You can even share the how-to videos with your team so you don’t have to spend time personally training everyone. It’s a win-win!

Online Meetings and Trainings

In addition to the how-to videos, we can also provide online meetings and trainings. Sometimes people still have questions after watching the videos or want to take a deeper dive into the application. We offer this with our more advanced packages because we know those with multiple users may require additional training.

Recommendations To Help You Succeed

Lastly, our firm will also offer recommendations to make your business run smoother. We pride ourselves on helping people save time and money, and one way to do that is by making sure they’re maximizing the applications they use. A fresh set of eyes may see how you can use ClickUp more efficiently, which makes this a great feat for those who’ve been using the application for a while.

Need Help? Let Us Help You Set-up ClickUp and More

If you need help getting started with ClickUp or want to revamp what you’ve already done, we can help. Check out our different packages below, then use our booking form to select the package you need. We can’t wait to help you get started!

Also, if you need to hire a dedicated virtual assistant to help you with your fast-growing firm, click here.

ClickUp Set-up and Implementation Packages

Package #1Package #2Package #3Package #4
Set-up 1-5 UsersSet-up 6-10 Users Set-up 10-15 Users Set-up 16-25 Users 
Set-up 1-5 Workflow SystemsSet-up 6-10 Workflow Systems Set-up 10-15 Workflow SystemsSet-up 16-25 Workflow Systems 
Set-up 1-5 How-to VideosSet-up 1-5 How-to Videos Set-up 6-10 How-to Videos Set-up 11-15 How-to Videos 
Set-up 1-3 Additional Views Set-up 1-5 Additional ViewsSet-up 1-5 Additional Views
Present 1-5 hours of online meetings/trainingsPresent 1-5 hours of online meetings/trainings
Generate a list of recommendationsGenerate a list of recommendations

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