“Choosing to laugh doesn’t undermine the serious work we have to do. It enables us to do it.”

– Colleen Patrick-Goudreau,

Let’s face it…BURNOUT is REAL!  If you feel overworked, undervalued, and have a lack of social support, then burnout could eventually happen.

Smart phones have made it nearly impossible to have leisure because we are always connected to everything and everyone, especially work. Meaningful conversations are seldom had because many of us have converted to simply texting. Have we considered that maybe this over accessibility to work and a lack of substance-filled, verbal communication may be factors in why we are experiencing burnout?

If you’re starting to feel uninterested in your work and relationships, stagnant, unmotivated, and ill without explanation…then you may be creeping towards burnout.

This means it’s time to take action in YOUR LIFE for YOU!

  • Start by appreciating the small accomplishments you’re making, even when your workload seems to be increasing by the minute.
  • Be realistic with your goals. Try not to take on more than you can handle because no one will take care of you like you. This means you have to put yourself first for once. It’s okay to say this bad word called “no”.
  •  Take breaks! It’s not healthy or productive to eat lunch in front of your computer screen during an 8 hour day at work. Go eat with some coworkers or call a friend to catch up for a few minutes.
  • Stop being so accessible. You don’t have to turn off your phone if it scares you, but at least put it on “do not disturb” for 15 minutes at home. Don’t talk, text, scroll Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or what have you…just MEDITATE. Free your mind for a few.
  • Hire a concierge…and I’m not just being cliché. We have to admit when we can’t do it all. Hire someone to do the grocery shopping or run an errand for you so you can relax (and don’t beat yourself up for relaxing!)
  • Communicate if you feel that you are unappreciated at work. As they say, a closed mouth doesn’t get fed.

I hope this quick blog on burnout has been helpful to you.Be well!