As a Concierge Business Owner in the Metro Detroit area, I am constantly observing the customer service I receive from various businesses. A large part of my role is referring clients to services that they need in the area and let’s face it; I can’t refer a business with poor customer service. I’ve witnessed some exceptional customer service and I’ve also come across very poor and unforgettable customer service. It causes me to question if people realize just how important it is and how they are possibly driving away people who have never even used their products or services.

Great customer service is an IMPERATIVE ingredient to running or working for a successful business. Why? Because kindness leads to loyalty and people appreciate good customer service; this is simply an expectation for me. When I receive great customer service I brag about it, tell all my clients, family and friends, and end up being a repeat customer because of the phenomenal experience…EVEN if their competition has better pricing. That’s right, I am willing to pay MORE to get treated better and I know a lot of people who would agree!

Now think about the last time you received poor customer service. It’s not difficult to recall is it? The experience puts a bad taste in your mouth and makes you cringe every time you drive past the business. You’ve probably told all your friends and family to NEVER GO THERE because of how they treat their customers. Some may even post it on social media for it to be liked and shared to the masses. Let’s not forget the reviews that are posted on Google and Yelp, which many people look at before deciding to visit a restaurant or other business.

The point is, customer service can make or absolutely break a business. If you are a business owner or an employee, realize that there truly is no such thing as a second impression. Your customer doesn’t want to hear about your excuses when you’ve caused them an inconvenience. They don’t want to deal with individuals who are super monotone or who show no true interest in them. They don’t want to be greeted by someone who is looking down at their phone and not truly being attentive.


Because people do business with people, not with the business. Realize that most people will form an opinion about your business before even stepping foot in it because of what they’ve seen or heard from someone else.

Therefore, be exceptional, every time. #itsimperative

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