We all know that getting ish done is extremely important, right? Right! So why do we STILL struggle even with a to-do list? It’s quite bizarre and a little troubling when you think about it. You’ve spent all this time creating your to-do list yet you’re not getting any results. Where is the mistake?

You’re doing your to-do list wrong!

Having a to-do list is an amazing thing, but I hate to break it to you, you’re probably trying to do too much.

When it comes to putting pen to paper, we have to be more strategic. It’s not about having a bunch of stuff to do, it’s about getting results.  However, we have the tendency of putting everything we can think of on our to-do list…

And we forget there is only 24 hours in a day…

Truth is, you don’t need to list 10-20 items on your to-do list each day. You’ll only make yourself more overwhelmed!

So what can you do differently…

  • The top of your to-do list should include high priority items. Chances are, those high priority tasks usually get pushed to the bottom of your list because they’re not as exciting to do.


  • Figure out what you DON’T need to do and give it to someone else. There is a such thing as being two places at once and it’s called having a virtual or personal assistant. You can give them the tasks that you really don’t need to do and you can handle those bigger priorities that require your attention. You’ll be checking things off your to-do list in record time!


  • Figure out which part of the day you’re most productive. I am most productive between 6AM and 11AM and I try to get my high priority to-do’s done during this window of time.


  • Estimate the amount of time you think it’ll take to complete each task. You’ll be able to plan your day much easier after doing this!


  • Make use of categories! My favorite to-do list includes:
    • Daily to-do’s
    • Have to eat
    • Notes section
    • Today’s goals

Personally, these categories help me stay on point! What categories would you put in place for your daily planner?

Well, that just about covers it for now. Download one or all of our favorite daily planners right here: https://payhip.com/imperativeconcierge.