With technological advances, we are able to communicate at an international level that wasn’t possible before. You can live in Detroit and have a virtual assistant scheduling appointments and responding to emails for you all the way in India. Or, you could be a virtual assistant residing in Detroit providing assistance all the way to someone in France. Outside of time zone differences, there are few barriers when working with someone in another country.


So are you looking to widen your talent pool by finding a virtual assistant in another country? Are you a virtual assistant looking to work with clients at a global level? Read on to learn what communication tools you can use to work internationally!


International Communication Tools

  • Skype is one of the top video chatting sources around and its ease of use makes it a top pick among many of our international clients. The ability to video or voice call anyone in the world for FREE makes this a top pick.


  • WhatsApp is a neat app that can be downloaded on your phone and/or computer. It connects to your phones Internet connection so you can send messages and make video and voice calls. Psst, this is great for avoiding those SMS fees!


  • The social media platform, Facebook allows you to communicate internationally using the Facebook Messenger app. It not only lets you text back and forth, but you can also use the free video-calling feature that connects to others using either your Wi-Fi or data. Keep in mind that if it connects using your data, overage charges may apply from your phone carrier.


  • Google Hangouts is a communication tool that also lets you text and video/voice chat. It is conveniently integrated with Google+ and Gmail, making it easy to connect with those already in your Google contact lists.

Those are literally just a few of the many communication tools you can use to interact with others at an international level. Once you figure out which one works best for you, the world is your oyster! Good luck!

What communication tools do you use?


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