To be successful as a realtor, it’s important to think like an entrepreneur…and thinking like an entrepreneur means you’re thinking in systems. Truth is, the entrepreneurs who are the most successful do these two things:

  • Build processes that are not people dependent and,
  • Outsource to qualified partners

When you create systems with automation in mind and outsource to the experts, you will be able to take your business to the next level. You have to have the mindset that just because you can do everything, doesn’t mean you should. How can you grow if you’re tied down to every part of your business? It just doesn’t work.


Six Ways To Stand Out As A Realtor

Virtual Staging

One way to standout is by offering virtual staging. It’s way more cost effective and less time consuming than real staging. It also allows the buyer to emotionally connect with the home and even visualize themselves living there.

Build Your Personal Brand Online

Do you currently have an online identity that makes your clients want to contact you for their needs? How are you setting yourself apart from other realtors in the area?

Nowadays, potential customers love to connect with companies online, so this is an area you definitely shouldn’t skimp on. If you haven’t already, you should definitely solidify a niche and figure out how to best serve them. Once you’ve established that, you can work on engaging with them via social media, blog posts, videos, tweets, and more!

Partner With Other Companies

In the real estate world, it’s important to think about other services/products your clients may need when they’re buying/selling a home. Think about how resourceful you’d appear if your client was looking for a moving company, painter, or housekeeper – and you already have a list available for them. Not only will your clients recommend you to others because you’re a one-stop-shop, but the companies you have on your list will be more likely to send leads your way.

Live Chat Support

Having a live chat option on your website is great for prospective clients that land on your website and have a question. This tool not only shows that you’re accessible, but it also let’s you collect great information (emails and phone numbers), and learn the concerns of your target market.

Delegating tasks

Remember when we mentioned how successful entrepreneurs outsource? Well, it’s true. Your time is limited and it should definitely be focused on getting sales; not on the time consuming tasks that can come along with having a business. Consider delegating the following:

  • Social Media Management
  • Data Entry
  • Content Writing (with SEO in mind)
  • Research
  • Email Management/Marketing
  • And much, much more!

In Conclusion…

We hope these six tips will prove helpful to you on your journey to becoming a successful Realtor. We also hope you consider us when you decide to outsource some of the tasks in your business that are weighing you down. Our team of Professional Virtual Assistants are ready to help you maximize your time and maximize your results.