When you’re in the process of building your business, it’s very easy to take on tasks that you’re not interested in or not so good at. While it’s probably exciting in the beginning, it can quickly become overwhelming over time. Before you know it, you’re the Accountant, Social Media Manager, and Email Marketer even though you run a business in something totally different! You wear all the hats and you’ve accepted that this is simply part of the CEO role. You’re right wrong.

We’re going to share 3 reasons you should stop doing everything yourself so you can avoid losing customers, losing money, and losing your mind!

Sorry, you’re not good at everything!

Yes, it’s true! You’re not good at everything and that’s absolutely okay. When you do everything, you unavoidably diminish the quality of what you‘re essentially great at, which is probably the stuff that actually brings in the dough. When you outsource to an expert, they’ll get it done faster than you and with less errors, which will give you time to focus on revenue generation and business expansion. Don’t make your business suffer by trying to do everything.


Don’t be a jack of all trades because you’ll be a master of none. 

You’ll remain exactly where you are

Maybe your business is doing well and you have a good set of clients, so what’s the point of outsourcing, right? Wrong! While it’s great that your business is doing well, you should always have new leads coming in. The clients you have now could be gone tomorrow, and guess what? Their cash is going with them! As a business owner, you should ALWAYS be looking for new clients and never get too comfortable.


When you’re tied to every single aspect of your business, it’s nearly impossible to grow, especially in a strategic way.

You’re At-Risk For Burnout

Did you know business owners are at an increased risk of mental health issues like depression and anxiety? Entrepreneurs know that time is money, so things like sleep, leisure, and exercise can easily be pushed to the back burner on the pursuit of more money. While it is true that time is money, it’s also true that many people don’t make the best use of their time.

Society has created this idea that being busy equates to being important, but that’s not necessarily correct. The goal as a business owner is not to be busy, but to be productive.

When you’re productive, you’ll be able to make time for both leisure-like activities AND revenue generating activities, which will make you much more successful.

In Conclusion

Refer back to these 3 reasons you should stop doing everything yourself when you’re thinking about adding another task to your to-do list. Ask yourself the following:

  • Am I actually good at this or would someone else be more qualified?
  • Is this a revenue generating task?
  • Will this take my time away from more important things?

The most successful business owners don’t do everything and you shouldn’t either. When you adequately manage your time, you’ll be able to see actual results.

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