As a personal chef, you know the excitement and stress that comes with running your own business. Entrepreneurs have the benefit of working in a field they love for the clients they prefer most! But owning your own company comes with a lot of commitment! You don’t have to do it all yourself. Need a virtual assistant for your personal chef company? Hire one (or more) to take care of the business facet so you can get back to the work you want to do.

Wondering what exactly a virtual assistant can do for a personal chef? Here are just a few tasks.

Virtual Assistant for Personal Chef

Virtual Assistant for Personal Chef #1: Schedule Management

Keeping up with your schedule can be just as stressful as work itself. Let a virtual assistant manage your hectic schedule for you. A virtual assistant can help set up and manage bookings, both online and over the phone. When event dates close in, your virtual assistant can send reminders. Not just that, a virtual assistant can keep a running list of the equipment and meal plans you’ll need for the day. They can even schedule grocery delivery in advance so you have everything you need.

Virtual Assistant for Personal Chef #2: Email Management/Email Marketing

Current and potential clients have questions, and some days they may feel endless; do you really have time to deal with them all? Have a virtual assistant handle them instead! A virtual assistant can respond to all comments and queries on your behalf, create templates for commonly asked questions, and even compose email marketing campaigns. A schedule of expertly written marketing emails can turn leads into long-lasting clients.

Virtual Assistant for Personal Chef #3: Bookkeeping

Keeping track of incoming and outgoing funds can feel like a full-time job. Personal and private chefs are already busy prepping meals, drafting meal plans, traveling to and from workplaces, and keeping track of inventory. Leave the bookkeeping to your virtual assistant and save more time for the work you really want to do. Your remote assistant can send and archive invoices and send reminders to clients who haven’t fulfilled payment yet.

Virtual Assistant for Personal Chef #4: Project Management

Working in the midst of the business chaos can make it difficult to analyse your practices. Positive critique and adjustments can skyrocket your business to better, more efficient practices. Virtual assistants can analyze business data to help your catering company run smoothly, saving you time and money.

Virtual Assistant for Personal Chef #5: Administrative Support

Aside from all of the specific tasks, a virtual assistant can also take over a lot of the administrative work that makes a business run. Whether working solo as a private chef or maintaining a catering company with multiple employees, the administrative side of business management can become overwhelming. Pass on the managerial tasks to a virtual assistant. Some tasks to consider delegating are answering and making phone calls, data entry, mail organization and management, and more.

Virtual Assistant for Personal Chef

Virtual Assistant for Personal Chef #6:  Website and Social Media Management

Gain a following and generate leads with stellar social media and website management. While you’re at a client’s home or event, your remote assistant can update your website, write blog and social posts, and interact with your audience. A sparkling website and active social feeds are an important facet for gaining new clients. A virtual assistant can ensure your business maintains the voice and following you desire.

Virtual Assistants for Chefs Can do Almost Anything

You may have figured out by now that a virtual assistant for your catering company can do just about any task you think of. With a virtual assistant on board, you can delegate all of the work you don’t want or don’t have time to do. Imperative Concierge will work with you to match you with the perfect remote assistant for all of your needs.

Work in the Detroit Area? Connect With a Personal Assistant!

Imperative Concierge can connect you to the perfect virtual assistant for any task you can possibly think of, but if you need a little more help in person, we can help you out. For private chefs in the Metro Detroit area, Imperative Concierge can connect you with personal assistants who can shop for groceries, arrange travel to and from events and appointments, and much more.