Massage therapy should be about the practice. It should be about the wellness journey with your clients. The problem is, you have to grow your business to get clients. Otherwise, you’re taking a solo journey. Even if your business is thriving, it’s all too easy as a business owner to let your work consume you. Fortunately, you can get back that work-life balance when you consider a virtual assistant for a massage therapist!

As a massage therapist and business owner you already have enough going on. Marketing, booking appointments, and customer outreach can eat up the personal time you have left. That’s why having a virtual assistant for a massage therapist is such a great idea.

Top 4 Things a Virtual Assistant for a Massage Therapist Will Do For You

Virtual Assistant for Massage Therapist

Before getting an assistant to grow your business, you need to figure out which needs they can fill. Consider these four ways that a virtual assistant can help a massage therapist.

1. Every Spa Needs a Receptionist

If you don’t have someone to answer your calls, then you’re missing out on business, which is why every massage therapist needs a receptionist. That way you have someone to answer questions, book appointments, and take cancellations. You won’t ever have to worry about missing out on a client again.

2. You Need Quality Customer Service to Build Up Your Business

Customer service is imperative for a business to thrive. According to Small Bizz Trends, your business won’t grow without quality customer service. This may mean a follow-up call after an appointment or reaching out to a client that hasn’t come back in a while. Either way, it’s that personal touch that makes people want to continue working with you.

3. Today Everything is About Social Media

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in; having a social media presence is imperative. Potential clients often trust social media more than review websites such as Yelp. More importantly, having a thriving social media presence will increase your outreach.

A virtual  assistant to handle your social media accounts would be an asset to your business. They can reach out to influencers in your area, asking them to do a shout out for your spa business. So all the influencer’s followers, who trust their opinions, will come to you for massage therapy.

Once your incredible skills wow them, they’ll tell everyone on their social media feed. You can see how this has the power to create exponential growth if invested in properly.

4. You Have to Have a Web Presence for Customers to Find You

The Search Engine Journal says that a majority of new clientele comes from web searches, which means that it’s essential to have a strong web presence.

That’s what a virtual assistant for your massage therapist business does. Get a remote SEO content writer. They research trending topics and write content with high search engine ranking. That way, when someone’s searching for a massage therapist in say metro Detroit, they’ll find your spa. As you know everything is online these days, which means you need to be too. If you’re going to be online, you have to rank high on search engines for people to find you.

Do You Really Need a Virtual Assistant as a Massage Therapist?

Virtual Assistant for a Massage Therapist

Now that you understand a little better what a virtual assistant can do for you, the question is, do you need one? To answer that question you need to look at where your business is currently lacking. Are your web presence and social media drab? Try a marketing assistant for your social media and content writing needs. If you’re struggling to get repeat clients you might have a customer service issue. Hire a virtual assistant to ensure each of your clients are satisfied.

The big question, are you missing out on new business while massaging a current client?

A virtual administrative assistant or a remote scheduler will handle your schedule for you. That way you never miss out on a new client again.

In Metro Detroit? Consider A Personal Assistant

We know that running a business is time-consuming and can cut into your personal life. Therefore, we offer Personal Assistant services too! A Personal Assistant can handle those various errands that keep being added to your to-do list. So if you’re in Metro Detroit, hire a personal assistant to run your personal and business errands for you. That way your laundry’s always done and your oils and lotions will always be full.

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