Photography: Both Business and Fun

Becoming a photographer can feel like fulfilling a dream. As a photographer, you get to snap incredible scenes and help people capture memories that will last a lifetime. That said, being a photographer takes a lot of work, and that’s just to get the right shot! If you own your own photography business or freelance, you may find yourself spending less time taking photos and more time filing paperwork, sending invoices, and scheduling appointments. You probably didn’t become a photographer to sit in the office all day. If work is getting in the way of…well, work, it may be time to consider a virtual assistant for photographers.

Virtual Assistant for Photographers

When managing your own business, it can be difficult to justify extra expenses and hiring extra employees. For creative businesses like photography, it can be even more difficult to decide if you need another set of hands to help out! But when your business starts getting in the way of your life outside of work, it may be time to hire a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants can help any business with just about any task, and photography is no exception. Professional assistants are experts at taking tasks off of your plate. They can get many things done three times faster than you might be able to yourself. Here are just a few ideas of tasks you can delegate to a virtual assistant for photographers.

Client Management and Communication

Dealing with clients can make or break your groove when it comes to work. Some clients are the dream clients, and some are…well, not that. A virtual assistant can help take the potential blowout client off your hands and handle emails, phone calls, voice mails, and texts.


Who has time to keep a calendar with all the other tasks having your own photography business brings? As much trouble as they are to maintain, schedules and calendars are important. Save some time by hiring a virtual assistant to keep a schedule for you. Your virtual assistant can even send you messages or call you when an appointment is approaching so you never miss a beat. Need to be somewhere at a certain time? Yes, your virtual assistant can even book transportation for you.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

The last thing most of us creative types want to do is complicated math and expenses spreadsheet. Not to mention handling invoices! Let a virtual assistant take the number crunching off your hands. You can even hire a virtual assistant to help you with taxes!

Marketing and Media

Let’s be honest, word of mouth can only get your business so far. A solid marketing strategy will propel your business in front of plenty of potential clients, and the right marketing method will turn that potential into profit. Professional virtual assistants skilled in digital marketing can help build and manage your website and social media accounts, write stellar website copy, craft catchy blog and social posts, and manage ad campaigns on multiple platforms.

Editing and Design

Cropping, rotating, and adding watermarks to photos can be exhausting. Virtual assistants with professional graphic design experience can help take the tedious work off your hands by adding those little details to your photos. What’s more, a virtual assistant can help you make decisions about album designs and aesthetics.

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    Personal Assistant for Photographers

    If your photography business is located in the Metro Detroit area, then consider hiring a personal assistant to help you and your business in person. Not only can a personal assistant do all of the above, but they can also help you set up and take down equipment and props, transport equipment, and direct and help pose clients.

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