If you ask me, tutors are amazing and necessary. It’s you who comes to the rescue when students don’t understand a certain topic. You help them gain the clarity they need to succeed. There are kids and college students that would literally give up on school if it weren’t for tutors, but you help keep them in the game. This is why professionals like you will always be in demand. In fact, the projected job growth for teachers and professionals between 2018 and 2028 is 9%. But, you’re probably wondering, what does this have to do with a virtual assistant for tutors? I’ll tell you!

Supply The Demand: Tutoring Business

Thanks to technology, geography is no longer a factor, which means the sky is the limit. You can connect with students (or their parents) from all over the world with online tutoring.

However, there’s only one problem: How would you manage them all?!

Your business will likely get to a point where you alone cannot service all of your clients and you don’t want to turn them away. When this does happen, you’ll probably want to hire other tutors, which is a big task in itself. The additional benefit of hiring more tutors is that they can teach subjects that you’re not so good at. It’s a win, win!

A virtual assistant for tutors with a human resource background can help you find qualified tutors for your business. They can also assist your new team through the on-boarding process by ensuring they:

  • Sign non-compete documents
  • Sign confidentiality agreements
  • Complete necessary contracts
  • Update their availability
  • Review training material (they can also develop the training material) and,
  • Assign them to students based on their areas of expertise

Virtual Assistants Can Help You Market Your Business

Virtual Assistant for Tutoring Business

Business 101 will teach you that you can have an amazing product or service, but that means nothing when nobody knows about it! If you hire a virtual assistant for your tutoring business, especially one skilled in marketing, your business could reach new heights.

Social Media Assistance

It can be challenging to teach students AND post on social media regularly. Fortunately, you don’t have to be the one to do it! An assistant could create and schedule content on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. And let’s not forget the power of Pinterest. Your virtual assistant could create and pin infographics, pictures, worksheets, and more to Pinterest that gets shared for years!

Keeping It Local? A Virtual Assistant Can Still Help

A virtual assistant for your tutoring business could also help get your name out there in your local area, EVEN if they’re several states away. They could contact local schools and schedule you to do free talks. Those free talks could easily turn into consultations later! They could also reach out to community centers, coffee shops, and libraries to see if dropping off brochures and/or flyers is feasible. All of this could be going on while you’re working with students!

Invoicing, Communications and More

If you’re spending time invoicing then that means you’re taking away the time you could be working with a student. A virtual assistant can handle the invoicing, which will become especially helpful as your business expands. Do you find yourself answering the same questions via phone and email over and over again? Your assistant could create email templates for frequently asked questions and answer the phone on your behalf. And let’s not forget office supplies. A virtual assistant can keep inventory of what you and the other tutors need and order items as necessary.

A Virtual Assistant for a Tutoring Business is a Good Idea

Virtual Assistant for Tutors

The tasks I’ve mentioned above are just a few things a virtual assistant can help with. They can certainly assist you with more! In addition, if you live in the Metro Detroit area, we can pair you with a Personal Assistant who could run errands on your behalf.

Think about it. If you’re doing free talks or paid seminars, you may need someone to pick-up print outs from Office Depot. Or maybe you need a Personal Assistant to bring lunch in for a special occasion. The options are endless!

Let’s Chat About It!

You now know the many benefits of how a virtual assistant can help tutors and you’re probably thinking of a few other ways they can help you. If you’d like to learn more about how we can match you with a virtual assistant, book a consultation below. We’re ready to help you maximize your time and maximize your money.