Fashion designers make a living on trends, either by going with them, giving old ones a new life, or starting something completely different. Fashion is in every part of our lives with style being a unique aspect that everyone has. As you know, fashion designing is an important job and work can keep you very busy year round. Working long hours is practically a given in this industry, especially if you don’t have help.

Fashion Design Remains Steady

Fashion designers stay constantly busy but one can’t deny that this is a niche career that takes a long time to get into. The slow growth in this field reflects how difficult it is to join. Between 2018 and 2028, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the job market will grow by only one percent. This change is so small that the market might as well be stagnant.

Because this is such a high demand job with little to no growth in the industry, fashion designers are constantly in demand. This means they’re doing a multitude of tasks, many of which have nothing to do with actual designing. That’s why a fashion designer needs some sort of assistant but the virtual kind might present better benefits.

Virtual Assistant For Fashion Designers 

There’s a lot that goes into fashion designing that doesn’t include designing. There are schedules to keep, people to meet with, events to attend, promotional material, social media platforms and all kinds of small tasks. While these tasks are important to a fashion designer, they don’t have to be completed by them. A fashion designer’s job is to design fashion, which is also the task that makes them money. An assistant can take on the important, non-revenue generating tasks. They can also complete the tasks that you’re not so great at!

What You Can Delegate To a Virtual Assistant 

Virtual Assistant for Fashion Designer

Fashion designers have many small tasks that have to get done, but they don’t have to be the ones to do them! A virtual assistant can handle all the necessary work so that you can get back to your real job. Here are a few things a virtual assistant can see to:

  • Scheduling. A designer is constantly in and out of meetings or traveling to other parts of the world. A virtual assistant can fit all of this into your busy schedule and rearrange things as needed.
  • Overseeing events. Whether you’re hosting or attending, a virtual assistant can get all of the information needed to be prepared. They can also get the whole event ready even if they aren’t actually present.
  • Monitoring expenses. A lot of money goes in and out of a fashion designers life. The virtual assistant can focus primarily on expenses and handle the books for every eventuality. 
  • Social Media. One way to get your work out there is by meeting people where they already are. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are perfect for sharing high-quality images of your work. A virtual assistant can not only schedule the content but also engage with your audience too.

Finding a Virtual Assistant For Fashion Designers 

A virtual assistant isn’t hard to find, certainly not nearly as hard as an in-person assistant. Trained, experienced virtual assistants are all over the world and waiting for the chance to work with people in trades that interest them, including fashion design. They’re professional and all ready know what they’re doing, so you should only ever have to do the bare minimum for your extra help.

Imperative Concierge has a pool of virtual assistants on standby and offers a free consultation. If you’re located in the Metro Detroit area, you can even meet with a Personal Assistant in person, but any business in America can see what kind of help Imperative Concierge has to offer. If you’re tired of being overworked, then consider hiring a virtual assistant.

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