The one thing we all have in common in the world is that we all have a need or want for something. Want to know what else we all have in common? Sometimes we just don’t feel like physically getting what we need or want.

Think about it. You might want food, but that doesn’t mean you feel like going to the restaurant to pick it up. Or, you might really want to upgrade your kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you feel like going to Home Depot. In addition, sometimes it’s just a matter of not having time. It’s for some of those reasons above that we run errands in Metro Detroit.

Examples Of Errands We’ve Done In Metro Detroit

If you’re thinking about hiring a Personal Assistant to run errands for you in Metro Detroit, you’d probably like some examples of what they can do. Therefore, we’re going to share some errands we’ve done in the past for clients. Keep reading!

Example 1: Pick-ups For The Penthouse

running errands in Metro Detroit

Detroit, MI is growing significantly and if you want to get the best out of the city, you’ll want to move to a prime spot. One of our previous clients moved into the David Stott building, which is in downtown Detroit within the Capitol Park Historic District. It’s surrounded by several restaurants, retail spots, and is just 10 minutes away from Comerica Park.

The client reached out to us because they were extremely busy and also wanted to make time to enjoy the city. As a result, they tasked us with many things, including:

  • Unpacking moving boxes and setting things up where they were supposed to go (this required 2 Personal Assistants over an 8 hour shift)
  • Grocery pick-up, delivery, and putting items up
  • Very light housekeeping
  • Managing biweekly cleaning services
  • Coordinating weekly laundry pick-up
    • We were there certain days each week to set the laundry outside of the clients door for pick-up by the dry cleaning company
  • Replacing museum glass on a beautiful painting that cracked from the movers
  • Ordering and setting up event decor for a small dinner party
  • Closet reorganization
  • Coordinating with a team of interior designers to ensure they had access to the residence and placed furniture where needed
  • Restuaurant runs for places that weren’t on GrubHub or other apps
  • And so much more!

This was one of our very favorite projects. We were able to help the busy client get settled into their new home and enjoy all that the city of Detroit has to offer.

Example 2: Birthday Party Surprise

Some of our favorite projects are when a significant other tries to surprise their loved one for their birthday. For this errand, we were tasked with getting birthday balloons, picking-up the cutest cake from Milano Bakery and Cafe, and delivering it to one of the casinos in Detroit. The client worked in another city and would not have the ability to get everything in time to surprise their significant other. However, we allowed them to finish their workday while we handled the rest!

Example 3: Who Doesn’t Love Cake From Out of State!?

It’s actually not uncommon for us to receive out-of-state requests and we’re always glad to fulfill them. In this example, a client in Kentucky wanted us to pick-up some delicious cheesecake from Lucki’s for her husbands surprise birthday party. We were tasked with:

  • Looking up shipping costs
  • Ordering the cakes
  • Picking up the cakes
  • Packaging the cakes
  • Shipping the cakes overnight to the client just in time for the surprise birthday party

We were so glad that the cakes arrived still fresh and cold for the client to enjoy!

Example 4: A Case About Curtains

Have you ever wanted something so bad but none of the stores within 100 miles of you had the item? Such was the case for one of our clients. They resided in Pennsylvania but saw that IKEA in Canton, Michigan had the curtains they wanted. We were tasked with going to IKEA, picking up the curtains, and taking them to USPS to be shipped. By the way, we did this in just one hour!

We Do Errands Big and Small

As you can see, people have us run all types of errands and it really keeps us on our toes. Sometimes the errands are just one-off tasks and other times it’s continuous. Whatever you need, we’d try our best to accommodate you.

We enjoy running errands throughout Metro Detroit, so if you ever need a helping hand, just let us know! You can also learn more about our Personal Assistant services by clicking here.