Raise your hand if you’re a salon owner, and you’re busy as all get out. Chances are, you “hypothetically” rose your hand up real high and practically touched the sky. We know that salon owners are continuously on the move trying to get things done. One moment you’re dealing with customers, the next minute you’re handling staff, and then there is everything in between. But what if you had a little assistance with managing the day-to-day? Well, that’s where a virtual assistant for salon owners comes in, so keep reading to learn more.

What Can a Virtual Assistant for Salon Owners Do?

There’s a lot that a Virtual Salon Assistant can help you with. A few of those tasks include:

  • Booking appointments
  • Customer service
  • Staff management
  • Vendor management
  • Administrative tasks
  • Marketing activities

Booking Appointments

When you and your team are doing hair or other services, it’s kind of hard to answer the phone. In addition, hearing the phone ring can be distracting to customers that came there for a relaxing experience. Therefore, hiring a virtual assistant to cover the phone lines and book appointments on your behalf would save you time and improve the customer experience.

Customer Service Support

Do you often get phone calls or emails with the same questions over and over again? If yes, then let a virtual assistant handle that too. A virtual salon assistant can respond to simple questions regarding pricing and service offerings without having ever been to the salon. Although you might feel like this only takes a few seconds for you to do, consider how much it occurs and how that time adds up.

Staff Management

Virtual Assistant for Salon Owners

A lot goes into staff management, but you don’t have to do it all by yourself. A salon virtual assistant can:

  • Send out notifications to staff regarding policy changes
  • Run background checks
  • Ensure contracts are signed
  • Update salon roster with individuals service offerings and pricing

They could also monitor who’s license is set to expire soon and ensure they have it renewed.

Vendor Management

We all know that the cleanliness of the salon is a major concern and a virtual assistant can help with that too. While they can’t physically clean the place, they can find reputable cleaning companies to come in and do the job. They can coordinate a schedule with the cleaners and process payment on your behalf.

In addition to cleaning needs, there may also be maintenance issues. If a virtual assistant is informed of something like a sink breaking, they can call around to find someone who can come out to fix or replace it as soon as possible. Imagine how much time you’d save not having to deal with this!

Administrative Duties

If you’re a salon owner that still gets behind the chair, chances are, you really don’t have much time to handle the admin duties. Unfortunately, those types of tasks must still be done. Your virtual assistant can help keep up with inventory by checking in weekly with you and your staff on what’s running low. If the VA is skilled in lite bookkeeping, they can ensure your books look right. Want to know about professional events and conferences? Your virtual salon assistant can help with that too!

Marketing Activities

How are you doing with posting on social media, doing email marketing, or showing up on search engines? A digital marketing virtual assistant can help you create an online presence and build brand awareness. Use your talents to continue beautifying your clients, not to do digital marketing.

Hire a Virtual Assistant for Salon Owners

The truth is, you’re probably doing too much in your business and finding it hard to focus on what’s important. We want you to be able to focus on the high-level, revenue-generating activities in your business so you can reach new heights. You’ve done a great job so far by managing your salon by yourself, but you’re leaving money on the table and burning yourself out. Consider hiring a virtual assistant so you can better manage your workload, gain more free time, and ultimately become more profitable.

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