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Beauty is a booming industry. The beauty industry has gained incredible popularity with internet and TV celebrities, increasing the number of make-up and hair product-related jobs. At over $110 billion annually and climbing, there’s no sign that beauty will ever slow down. Between soaps, scents, and sealers, people all over the world depend on beauty products to give them confidence and cleanliness. 

If you run a professional beauty business, whether that be nails, hair, or makeup, customers will depend on you to help them feel good in their skin. And with how much growth the industry is experiencing, you may be overwhelmed with how many people want your services. It may be time to seek outside help with your business through a virtual assistant for beauty professionals. 

Virtual Assistant for Beauty Professionals

Virtual Assistant for Beauty Professionals 

Virtual assistants are professionals in helping your business succeed. Experienced remote assistants take care of the administrative tasks that creative make-up artist, hair stylists, and nail techs don’t have as much time for. 

You might be wondering, won’t a virtual assistant cost more than they’re worth? Well, professional remote assistants are more efficient at handling administrative work than most creative business owners, meaning they’ll get those tedious tasks done faster than you could alone. Not just that, but virtual assistants are completely remote; they work online from home, so they’re able to work during your off hours, vacations, weekends, and require absolutely no office space. 

Wondering what a virtual assistant can do for you? Below are just a few of the tasks a virtual assistant for beauty professionals can take over so you can get back to beauty business. 

Virtual Assistant for Beauty Professionals

Website Management and Clever Copy

When you’re busy setting those clear coats and foundations, it’s difficult to find time for brand management. Who has time for curlers and coding? Virtual assistants can help manage your website and craft clever SEO-primed copy so your brand ranks higher in search results. 

Chat with Clients 

No matter how many questions you answer in your website’s FAQ, people will still call or email asking for more information. There’s nothing as stressful as getting a call from a potential client while working on someone else’s style. Let a virtual assistant handle all of your calls and voicemails. Not only that, a virtual assistant can also reply to emails sent your way. 

Manage Inventory and Product Shipments 

If your beauty business includes products or a storefront, inventory can be a hassle. Instead of tracking numbers and ordering replacements yourself, have a virtual assistant do it for you! You can even have your assistant set up scheduled shipments for products you run out of regularly. 

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    Bookkeeping and Invoicing 

    The creative minds behind beauty parlors and hair salons might not be cut out for bookkeeping and invoice management. Handling cash flow can be stressful, so let a virtual assistant handle it for you. Virtual assistants can send and track invoices, organize financial information, and even create spreadsheets and graphs to help you understand where your money is going. 

    Research Products and Trends 

    Hair stylists, nail techs, and other beauty professionals must keep up with an ever-changing industry, meaning they have to do plenty of research on trends to stay ahead of the game. When working, there’s no time for research, but who wants to study when they’re off work? Don’t worry, your virtual assistant can keep you up to date on beauty trends while you build better work-life balance!

    Social Media Management

    It’s no secret that beauty and social media go hand-in-hand. Some of the biggest names on Instagram and YouTube are beauty professionals specializing in makeup and skin care. Keep up with the competition by hiring a virtual assistant who can craft engaging posts and share your favorite photos. 

    Imperative Concierge Has You Covered 

    So you’re ready to hire a virtual assistant! Don’t stress over posting job listings or interviewing potential assistants; leave that to Imperative Concierge. We’ll match the perfect virtual assistant for beauty professionals to your checklist of needs so you can maximize your income and free time. 

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