Today, it is more important than EVER to provide superior customer service. With social media platforms connecting customers with brands, it makes it easy for customers to not only tell you how they feel, but also the whole wide world. When operating a small business, negative feedback can literally cost you your company. Read on to learn 4 ways to lose a customer.

Ways to Lose A Customer #1: Being Unresponsive

The worst scenario is when a customer reaches out to a company looking for a service and all they get is crickets. Being unresponsive is almost unforgivable! With our on-demand culture, today’s customers expect a response within a 24-hour timeframe.

If you’re strapped for time and can’t respond to each customer inquiry in a reasonable timeframe, then it might be time to hire help!


Ways to Lose A Customer #2: Lying To Your Customer

Customers relate to brands that they can trust, so if you’re looking to get the boot, just lie. If your website says, “we can finish this in three days” and you don’t, it’ll make the customer question your reliability.

To stay on a customer’s good side, the best thing you can do is under promise and over deliver. Refrain from making promises that you know you can’t keep.

While customers may understand that things come up, they will still feel uncomfortable with the excuse. They will be unlikely to contact or refer you regarding future services.

Ways to Lose A Customer #3: Being Difficult

Customers really love convenience, so it’s important that businesses offer this to the best of their ability. A customer shouldn’t feel like they have to fight through barbwire to do business with you. Here are some examples of being difficult to do business with:

  • Not offering online booking. Although customers spend a lot of time on their phones, it’s definitely not for talking. An online booking system is available 24/7, so why not make it easy for the client who wakes up at 3AM and decides they need a hair appointment in a few days.
  • Only accepting cash. Many small businesses refrain from using credit cards because of the merchant service fees. However, those fees are tax deductible. If this is a concern, it may be wise to raise your prices slightly to make up for it.

Ways to Lose A Customer #4: Being Disrespectful

A for sure way to lose a customer (and a ton of potential leads) is by being rude. With social media, it’s very easy to see how brands respond to customers about their concerns. By responding in an unprofessional manner or by not responding at all, you scare people off.

The best way to address a customer’s complaint is by apologizing, showing genuine empathy, and offering a solution. If your product/service didn’t work for a customer and they complain, acknowledge that and ask for ways to improve.

Arguing with the customer is absolutely not the solution, as words cannot be taken back and a post can be deleted, but not someone’s screenshot. 😉

In Conclusion

We hope this article is helpful to you on your business journey. Feel free to share other ways to lose a customer in the comments.

Photo Courtesy of: Andre Hunter 

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