Why Should You Hire An Errand Service?

Today, employed adults that work full time typically work 47 hours per week, do chores for approximately 2 hours per day, and try to to fit in everything else that comes in between. In short…people are busy, burned out, and unproductive and it’s taking a toll on their relationships, money, and business. When they hire an errand service, they are able to maximize the time in their personal and business life in a significant way.

Top Reasons To Hire An Errand Service

For some individuals and businesses, hiring an errand service is not simply a want, it’s a need. The top reasons why people choose to delegate to an errand service are:

To Save Valuable Time

Running errands can be costly for a busy professional, especially when they have to take time off work to complete them. We can almost guarantee, most people would prefer not to use a PTO day to wait for a service technician or get an oil change.  Therefore, delegating an errand to someone else will allow you to spend your time where it’s most valuable.

To Increase Productivity

As mentioned in the book, The Entrepreneur Mind, the most successful companies outsource and streamline. Hiring an errand service will allow you to be two places at once, so you’ll get twice as much done. Not only that, but you’ll be able to focus on the tasks that generate the most revenue for you. This simple change can improve your ROI in a great way!

To Complete An Errand In Another State

Completing an errand in another state doesn’t seem so difficult when you work with an errand service. For example, if you reside in West Virginia, but your loved one in Michigan requires a few tasks to be completed, you could call on a local concierge to complete the task on your behalf.

To Do What You’re Unable To Do

For some, errands may be physically difficult to complete or it requires a skill-set that you don’t have. Those who are recovering after surgery find errand services extremely beneficial, especially when it comes to tasks like:

How Do Errand Services Work?

If you have an errand request, some companies will allow you to book a service with them online, while others prefer you to book over the phone. They’ll ask you questions such as:

  • Pick-up Location (if applicable)
  • Delivery Location
  • Items To Be Purchased
  • Additional Details (such as ring the doorbell, use the side door, speak with X,Y,Z)

Once the errand service is confirmed, you should be able to rest assured knowing that it’s handled.

If you’ll require a third party purchase, they may ask for the money upfront to pay for those items. Other companies may complete the purchase upfront on your behalf but apply a surcharge for doing so.

Always do your due diligence when hiring an errand service provider in your area. You’ll want a company that is reliable and trustworthy, otherwise it’ll defeat the purpose of having one in the first place.

Errand Services in Metro Detroit

For those who need to delegate tasks to someone else, Imperative Concierge Services offers errand services in Metro Detroit. This includes cities like:

  • Canton
  • Plymouth
  • Belleville
  • Southfield
  • Novi
  • Walled Lake
  • Troy
  • Birmingham
  • Royal Oak
  • Farmington
  • And much more!

Our goal is to make all processes as simple as possible for our elite clients, so we implement project management processes in all that we do to ensure that things go smoothly. Feel free to contact us to learn more about the benefits of booking an errand service with us!

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