Event Planning Is On The Rise, and So Are You

If you’re an event or wedding planner, you’ve probably seen a lot of growth in clientele and event numbers over the past few years. The numbers don’t lie; event and wedding planning is on the rise worldwide. From corporate to wedding, birthday to baby shower, event planning is a growing field. In fact, event planning jobs exceded their expected growth by 4% and continue to skyrocket. Corporate meetings help businesses generate leads and boost sales, aesthetic weddings have gained massive popularity with millennials, and these uptrends can spell exceptional growth for your event planning business. So why not consider a virtual assistant for event planners?

Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant for Event Planners

Virtual Assistant for Event Planners

Having everything go according to plan as an event manager can feel like a miracle. As your business grows, you’ll be faced with more challenges, and more work, than ever before. More often than not, you’re always in a rush and regularly stressed about making everything come together for a big event. Sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done!

If this sounds like you, it’s time to consider a virtual assistant.

Tasks You Can Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

With a growing clientele base comes a growing list of tasks. Event and wedding planners have a number of niche jobs to conduct every day, but there’s no end to the tasks you can delegate to a virtual assistant for those big events. Here are just a few ideas to consider when delegating to a virtual assistant. A remote assistant can

  • Manage schedules and calendars
  • Create and coordinate printing of event mailouts, from invitations to thank you’s
  • Make travel plans and itineraries, book flights and vehicles
  • Research venues, vendors, speakers, entertainment, and more
  • Answer emails from current and potential clients and create stellar email marketing systems to turn leads into paying customers
  • Draft and keep track of budgets and books
  • Manage social media accounts and social media marketing
  • Handle communication between clients and speakers/vendors, answer phones, redial voice mails
  • Create clever copy for your website, media accounts, and advertising
  • Create and manage information databases based on client, event, or other criteria
  • And more!

Find the Perfect Virtual Assistant for Event Planners

You’ve decided you need a virtual assistant for your growing event planning business, but where do you start? There are so many things to get done in a 24-hour day that it can seem like an extra chore just to find the right virtual assistant. Between project planning and coordinating clients, who has time to set up a job listing and interview potential assistants?

Let Imperative Concierge Services help you find the right virtual assistant for you. We’ll match our virtual assistants to your specific list of needs so you can hire the right person for the job, no matter the task. Save time and money with a virtual assistant.

Virtual Assistant for Event Planners

Personal Assistants for Event Planners in Metro Detroit

Is your event planning business located around the Detroit area? Consider hiring a personal assistant to help in person! A personal assistant can help with many digital tasks, but can take over some of the physical work as well. If you’ve forgotten something last minute or need help setting up at the event hall, bring a personal assistant onto the job and gain some peace of mind–and a little extra you-time. Imperative Concierge will connect you with the perfect virtual or personal assistant for almost any task you need doing.

Hire a Virtual Assistant for Event Planners and Get Your Time Back

Your business is growing in a field that’s expected to see an explosion of growth in the next decade. Get ahead of the curve, and get some of your much-needed personal time back, by hiring a virtual assistant.

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