Your time is money. You’re busy, we know that much, but you don’t have to do all of your business tasks by yourself. A virtual assistant can help your growing janitorial cleaning company by taking on many of the everyday tasks that help your business run smoothly.

Maintaining a commercial cleaning company can be as stressful as it is rewarding. Commercial cleaning is a strict and important occupation, so it’s imperative that everything is done correctly and efficiently. This means plenty of planning, scheduling, inventory, and bookkeeping, among other things. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to do everything yourself, so consider a virtual assistant for your cleaning company. 

Tasks You Can Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

Professional virtual assistants have many skills that aim to help growing businesses and busy professionals take control of their lives. By pitching responsibilities to a virtual assistant, you’ll free up plenty of time to focus on the important things, and you’ll even get more time for yourself. There are plenty of tasks that you may not have even considered delegating that a virtual assistant could do for you. These are just a few of the jobs you can pass on: 

  • Return phone calls from potential and existing clients, and make phone calls on your behalf
  • Match cleaners to customers and their needs
  • Send text and email confirmations to cleaners about new jobs, and answer their questions
  • Standby as email, phone, and text support as well as customer relations management
  • Data entry
  • Follow up with customers involving unpaid bills and other documents that need recording
  • Create contracts, service proposals, email campaigns, and invoices
  • Manage social media accounts
  • Order new cleaning supplies and keep track of inventory
  • Manage the hiring process, including creating job listings and scheduling interviews
  • And many more

The Cleaning Industry Is Growing, and So Are You

Janitorial services are a multi-billion dollar industry, and the need for commercial, house, and apartment cleaning services only goes up with the rise in population. Within the past decade, cleaning services as an industry have grown more than 60%. That’s a lot of growth, and your cleaning company needs to be able to keep up with the curve.

This growth can bring in many potential clients looking for commercial or house cleaning. More clients means more time spent on the small tasks like scheduling and inventory. A virtual assistant can help take calls, answer messages, and schedule appointments. Make sure, however, that you don’t forget about your existing client base.

Acquiring new customers is five times as expensive as it is to retain existing customers, and your existing clients will be much more likely to leave positive reviews and recommend your services if they feel valued.

Finding the Right Virtual Assistant for Your Cleaning Company

A professional virtual assistant who can work well in the custodial business is a niche need, so it’s important that you find a good fit for your cleaning company. Despite what you might think, a virtual assistant can actually be 90% less expensive than an in-house secretary, saving you plenty of money.

Imperative Concierge Services works with many virtual assistants and has plenty of experience working with cleaning companies. We can work closely with you to find a virtual assistant that fits all of your most important needs. Virtual assistants with experience in bookkeeping, inventory, public relations and CRM tools, and scheduling can take the weight off of your shoulders, leaving you with time to relax.

Work With Imperative Concierge in the Metro Detroit Area

Is your cleaning company located in the Detroit area? Imperative Concierge works with local commercial cleaning companies in the Metro Detroit location and connects busy professionals with professional quality cleaning services. We’ll match your services with the needs of our clients. A virtual assistant can even help you liaise with us.

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