When prospective clients reach out to us and ask about our virtual assistant services, we often ask them if they would be open to having more than 1 VA? The reason why we ask this is because we like to match our clients with people on our team who are highly skilled in a specific area. Let’s face it – we’re not all great at everything and we all have a niche. Our clients have found that three miraculous things happen when people do things in their niche. They…

  • Get it done right
  • Are efficient (save time and money)
  • Require little to no direction (outside of clarifying instructions)

Speaking of a niche…

We’re going to tell you about just 45 tasks a virtual assistant can do and break them down by niche (there are more but these are just a few).


  1. Create forms (customized invoices, checklists, and more!)
  2. Prepare presentations (PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.)
  3. Prepare meeting minutes (don’t miss a beat when closing your next deal)
  4. Create spreadsheets (Excel or use Google Sheets to share with ease)
  5. Reminder services
  6. Calendar management
  7. Build/update database
  8. Email management (deleting spam, etc.)
  9. Appointment scheduling
  10. Lead generation
  11. Social media management
  12. Create email newsletters
  13. Purchase gifts online
  14. Research/data mining
  15. Travel arrangement
  16. Dropbox/Google Drive organization
  17. PDF conversion
  18. Train other virtual members
  19. Project management
  20. Edit/proofread emails
  21. Basic bookkeeping


  1. Keyword research for blog content (very important to rank high)
  2. Create landing page
  3. Optimize pages or posts
  4. Provide Google Analytics reports

Graphic Designer

  1. Design logo
  2. Create banner
  3. Design icons
  4. Create eBook covers


  1. Article/blog post creation
  2. Newsletter writing
  3. SEO writing
  4. Ghost blogging
  5. Article marketing

Social Media

  1. Create social network profiles
  2. Create social media strategy
  3. Social media copywriting
  4. Create graphics
  5. Implement strategies based on social media insights
  6. Provide social media reports
  7. Determine SEO keywords
  8. Social media calendar creation
  9. Copywriting for social media
  10. Create, implement, and manage social media opt-ins
  11. Social media ad creation

Are you looking for a virtual assistant to help take your business to the next level? Do you operate your business in Metro Detroit and require someone onsite occasionally? Are you completely unsure and looking for some direction? Set-up your free 15 minute consultation with Imperative Concierge Services LLC.